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usermaine 8/7/2019 (Wed) 09:23:21 #81204403



I don't think BTS is what it seems.

I went to one of their concerts for my daughter's birthday. I've heard how rabid that fanbase is so I was kinda worried about going. Needless to say I wasn't that disappointed. Ears are still ringing, like actually. It was even raining that day — they didn't cancel or anything because reasons. Not fun sitting in a soaked crowd like that.

Anyway… while I did have my eyes glazed for half the time something caught my parawatch eyes while I was there. Each of them singers had number tattoos on the backs of their necks. It was cover by there hair most the time but I could make out a few of them. 6 of them had "1"s and the other singer had a "2". I wasn't really keeping track of who's who though so I don't know who the "2" guy was.

What do yall think? Is this some trend I don't know about with this band? If so, will my daughter be coming home one day with a 1 tattoo on their neck?

Nesquickly 8/7/2019 (Wed) 10:43:41 #81204442



Man something like this happened to me too. I used to REALLY love Justin Bieber — I was nuts. I went to most of his concerts. Nearly made my parent's bankrupt with all the tickets and Bieber merch.

Now that I've revealed that dark secret to random internet people I guess I should get onto it. I was at a Bieber concert in like, 2010? I went to to many of those, I can't remember them all lol. It was some show with a bunch of water fountains if anyone wants to track it down. Anyway, Bieber was doing something and when he turned around he had a "7" on his neck. He was wearing a hoodie as part of the show so he put that up soon after. Couldn't see it anymore. I just thought that Bieber got a cool tattoo or something.

You're post did remind me of wanting to get a 7 tattoo after that lmao. Is that helpful?

[account deleted] 8/7/2019 (Wed) 10:50:43 #81204543

So it was a seven after.

Let me preface this with saying I killed Justin Bieber in 2009. I was irrationally pissed at how popular that fuckign bowl cut autotnue fucker was. not talented no no no no ntohig, I was pissed at people like @Nesquickly for loving this marketing schmeme so fuckign much when people like whtith acutal talent would get nadda. Nothing.

My memeory's fuzzy and I think something tried to get rid of it. I do remember getting him cornered at a show and told him that my "daughter" would need an autograph and that she can't walk or somethng like that. He put up that nice act to much, he'd probably go brag about how mcuh he loved the disabled too aafter that.

so I stabbed him. Right away I knew something was wrong. you know that blue milk from star wars? that shit that comes out of the big alien cows? that was what he bleed, all over, chunkcs like blue cheese too. He squealed and it wasn't human. The wound undulduated and gasped for air. I stabbed him again and andgian and more and more times. He stopped squealing. The blue milk blood washed away so make up showing a 6 on his neck I booked it out of there real fast.

next week he was back. news all over reported that he was sick. they fuckign reported that some guy was sick can oyou believe that? I didn't try to kill him again because I knew it wouldn't work . they just come back, alive forever, their fame and achievements awarded for a life-time, with infinite life-times.

Nesquickly 8/7/2019 (Wed) 11:00:34 #81204554

What the actual fuck?

usermaine 8/7/2019 (Wed) 11:00:50 #81204559


EDIT: good they deleted the account

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First of all: Don't spam mods pings. One is enough.

Second of all: Nobody on the staff team claims to have banned/deleted this account. Considering how the only way to delete an account is by request, this is odd.