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Item #: SCP-5640

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Any venues organized by SCP-5640 are to be closed down with all human subjects involved detained for questioning before amnesticization. Any venues suspected of hosting SCP-5640 are to be closely monitored for any of the entity's involvement before the location's immediate shut down.

Venues that have hosted SCP-5640 are to be investigated with all individuals involved given amnestic treatment.

Description: SCP-5640 is a male human wearing a bear costume that advertises himself as "Kodiak"; an electronic music producer and disc jockey known throughout the underground anomalous community.

When playing in a venue, SCP-5640 will trigger a phenomenon that causes the spontaneous manifestation of three to five instances of Ursus arctos middendorffi (Kodiak brown bear) throughout the venue. This phenomenon occurs during a drop1 in the music track being played. The locations for every instance is sporadic; oftentimes spawning in random locations with the exception of the stage where SCP-5640 can be seen playing.

Instances of these bears are not hostile to the confined space and presence of other humans and appear to participate in the rave. Often roaring in rhythm during the track, and allowing humans to ride on their backs. Individuals engaged in the rave do not appear to feel any fear or shock when confronted with the bears. Any attempts to disrupt the rave will usually cause personnel involved to become disoriented upon entry; personnel will experience a loss of time2 and have difficulty in tracking SCP-5640's exact location due to the amount of people and bears inhabiting the rave. Suggesting that SCP-5000 may exhibit passive spacial manipulation of the area

The identity of SCP-5640 under the costume is currently under investigation3.

Addendum 5640.1: Interview Log

The following is an interview log with

Addendum 5640.2: Recovered Text Messages

SCP-5000: dude. its been so damn hard trying to get these fuckin parties going. the feds have been eyeballing my ass and keep shutting down places i've been to

Subject: Sounds rough.

SCP-5000: yeah

Subject: You thinking of going on some hiatus? Maybe a break would help ease them off. Just for a little while.

SCP-5000: actually, i've got an idea. head over to my place.

Subject: Seriously? Right now?

SCP-5000: fine, any chance you can get. just get here soon. its pretty important

source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/person-wearing-bear-mask-dancing-on-stage-2311713/