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Item #: SCP-5680

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: An area of exclusion has been set up around SCP-5680. This perimeter is protected by a patrol to ensure no trespassers into the zone. Field Agents are to observe PoI-1000 for for any change in their anomalous attributes.

Description: SCP-5680 is a region of space located within , Ohio. SCP-5680 appears as a meadow devoid of any mammalian or arboreal life; wildlife within the area has consisted of violet flowering plants and multiple variations of butterflies1.

SCP-5680 possesses extremely powerful empathic properties. These effects are often correlated with intense feelings of sorrow and regret in human individuals. The source of this empathy originates from SCP-5680-1, which is assumed to be the center of SCP-5680.

SCP-5680 is the body of a human adolescent wearing a dark blue suit with the arms positioned together and their fingers interlocked; resting on their chest. Multiple flowers and butterflies surround the individual. It is at this location where the empathic connection is at its strongest in sapient subjects.

An epitaph is located just below SCP-5680-1, the plaque reads as follows:

Here lies a poet, a writer, a man of tales.

The greatest friend that I have never known.

Though part of me wishes you here and now.

Your memory shall burn bright as I walk alone.

The identity of SCP-5680-1 is currently unknown.

Addendum 5680.1: Interview Log

The following is an interview conducted with PoI-1000, a former Type Green entity and the creator of SCP-5680.

Dr. Jameson: Please take a seat, this will only be a quick interview.

PoI-1000: You're not going to arrest me, are you?

Dr. Jameson: No, but we are aware of the location in Ohio. The meadow of flowers? My sources tell me that you are responsible for that.

PoI-1000: Yeah, I am.

Dr. Jameson: Right, you created it. But why?

PoI-1000: It- I made it because a close friend of mine passed away this year.

Dr. Jameson: I see. I believe this friend of yours is the same person lying in the ground?

PoI-1000: Yes.

Dr. Jameson: Would you care to tell me more about this person?

PoI-1000: I'm not telling you his name if that's what you're asking.

Dr. Jameson: Right, well… could you at least tell me why you made this place for him?