You can hear the voice calling to you. It’s soothing and familiar to you. This feeling of finding something that was once lost to you, something precious; it washes over you like a comforting blanket as you get closer to the voice.

You have slept for so long. But it is time to wake up.

As you step out of the cave, you sense a great unraveling in the very structure of the world that you inhabit. A feeling so great, it reverberates throughout all of existence. Like ripples in the water; and all of it emanating from you.

The men that once inhabited your dwelling are gone now. All that is left is dust and stone.

You cannot see anything, but you know where you are. You can feel a warm glow emanating from the swirling clouds above you.

You are so close now. We have all waited so long for your return.

You hover gently to the vortex in the sky. Storms and hurricanes of unimaginable magnitude stretch across as far as the eye can see. Mountains rupture. Seas shake. You are not affected by anything in your ascent. You do not feel anything anymore but the warmth on your face as you look up to the glow of the spiral in the sky.

What was once the earth you stood on gives way to a void of darkness.

But all the noise is drowned out by the voice. The light embraces you in its glow as you open your eyes for the last time.