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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Special Containment Procedures: Secure Area-40 has been established around Flagstaff Lake, Maine. Monitoring Stations 40-A, 40-B, and 40-C have been constructed on surrounding shores of the lake in order to assist with monitoring and patrolling the large containment zone. SCP-XXXX is mobile but contained within the boundaries of this secure area.

Personnel assigned to this location are to assist park services and local law enforcement in the investigation of any reported missing person cases within 50km. At the discretion of the on-site Containment Specialist, clustered disappearances in the vicinity of Secure Area-40 may be labeled as a "Reinforcement Event", prompting the dispatch of MTF Theta-12 ("River Let Die") to locate and dispatch active SCP-XXXX-1 instances.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a humanoid female of Greek descent identifying as Tasoula Galanoti. SCP-XXXX is classified as a Level IV Thaumaturgical practitioner capable of rapidly invoking complex ontokinetic effects both mundane and anomalous with minimal ritual and preparation. SCP-XXXX is also in possession of a mask of unknown origin which appears to grant the wearer dramatically slowed aged and which acts as a focus for various rituals of an indeterminate thaumic purpose. Both SCP-XXXX and the ritual artifacts in its possession have been substantively linked with GOI-104 Daughters of Anatolia.

SCP-XXXX's location was last confirmed during a Reinforcement Event in 2015, within a submerged sewage and drainage complex beneath the township formerly known as Flagstaff, Maine. An ongoing record of Reinforcement Events has been included in Addendum XXXX.5.

Discovery Log XXXX.1:
Dateline 1947-05-11 - A resident of Eustis, Maine who had previously assisted the Foundation alerted resources to a rash of strange occurrences in the Carrabassett Valley. A substantial number of local residents had been reported missing within the last two years with numerous cases suggesting a common degree of foul play. After a number of weeks, these missing persons would return without an explanation for their absence and bearing marks of prolonged physical trauma.

None of those that returned were forthcoming in any level of detail about their time away. The local resource requested assistance with further investigation into this matter.

Field Agent Lorenzo Balmer was dispatched to the township of Eustis, Maine to investigate the pattern of disappearances identified in the river valley. The following hand-written documents were sent to a Foundation mail drop at Site-28 in the Fall of 1947. These documents formed the basis for continued investigation into SCP-XXXX and have been enclosed below. Although several of the pages were badly damaged by water and bodily fluids, the Department of Document Preservation has successfully restored most of the contents to legible status.

Field Log XXXX.2:
Dateline 1947-06-05 - After Field Agent Lorenzo Balmer failed to rendezvous without notice, two additional Agents were tasked with attempting to locate the missing operative. Identifying and securing any materials relating to the investigative actions of Agent Balmer were flagged as a high priority but secondary objective.

Agents Wilkins and Dulles of Site-28 were delegated this task and submitted the following field report upon their return.

Report Type: Log, Field
Submission Date: 1947-06-12
Personnel: Wilkins, Andre. Dulles, Patrick
Case #: S28-103-010, S28-103-011, S28-103-012

On date 1947-06-06 Agents Wilkins and Dulles arrives to Eustis, Maine and confirmed the last known whereabouts of missing agent Lorenzo Balmer as well as his intention to travel to the nearby township of Flagstaff. Proceeding to Flagstaff, local establishments such as the general store and roadside motel could not recall having seen or interacted with the missing agent. Given the township of Flagstaff was listed at 308 registered persons we elected to canvas all accessible homes and businesses.

Many homes provided no answer over more than two days of attempted contact. More still had nothing to say except to shake their heads. The entire township was soaked in the musky odor similar to stagnant water but one place differentiated: the funeral home.

addendum 3
tasoula entry

addendum 4
foundation floods it

addendum 5
still happening

reinforcement table

Her skin is pale her eyes are red,
her leaden voice commands the dead
to rise and stand beside their dreadful queen

Flagstaff, Maine, submerged in 1950. Foundation did it?

Real name: Tasoula Galanoti?

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