Vatican Office of Secrets and Prophecy

Originally founded in the 4th century AD, The Vatican itself is perhaps the oldest formal and contiguous Group of Interest known to the Foundation. The reach of the Church extends to literal billions of humans the world over including a number of highly capable adherents who assist the Holy See in finding, securing, and protecting Relics, Saints, and places of power. Thankfully, only a carefully chosen few are asked to serve their Church by joining private sects that are relevant to Foundation interests.

Vatican Office of Secrets and Prophecy:
Often abbreviated VOSP, this sect has been engaged in a tenuous relationship with the Foundation for many years. Under the direction of Pope Benedict XV, the VOSP and the SCP Foundation established formal relations in 1918 and worked together to identify and locate several pieces of anomalous art as well as religious or thaumaturgical relics.

During World War II, many Vatican controlled safe-houses and containment facilities were destroyed or looted in the chaos of war despite the efforts of both the VOSP and the Foundation to relocate artifacts or otherwise warn aggressors away.


vatican office of secrets and prophecy

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