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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The known entrances to SCP-XXXX are to be guarded by two Foundation agents each, with each entrance also requireing a gatehouse with acid and fire resistant doors. Foundation personal (excluding D-Class) is to be allowed
into SCP-XXXX's second and third chamber if requested by the personal or demanded by Foundation overseers. Foundation personal is allowed to stay inside of SCP-XXXX's second and third chamber for up to 60 minutes until returning to duty. Foundation personal without
clearence level 3 or higher and if not a Foundation archeologist and or historian, is not be allowed inside of SCP-XXXX's central chamber. Five reality anchors are to be placed at the edges of SCP-XXXX's central chamber to stabilize the local hume levels. If the
reality anchors turn off, Foundation personal is allowed to stay inside of SCP-XXXX's central chamber for up to 25 minutes but is required to evacuate as soon as possible until the reality anchors can be turned on again. Coorperation is not optional and if not met, personal
is to be taken outside of SCP-XXXX and to be given strong amnestics.

Any artifacts recovered from SCP-XXXX's central chamber anaomalous or not, must be given to Site-33 for further study. If personal or an intruder steals an artifact, said individual must be captured and given amnestics and handed over to either regional goverment officals or
into Foundation custody.


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