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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: All SCP-XXXX instancess are to be kept in an above average humanoid containment cell inside of Site-33 with the addition of a from the center outwards, twenty meter radius and seven meters high, circular chamber. A shrine to the holy seven is also be placed in said chamber.
As SCP-XXXX instances require a high protein diet, two kilogramms of meat must be brought to every SCP-XXXX instance each day. If an instance of SCP-XXXX requests D-Class personal for a fight, these requests must be with rare exceptions agreed to. All researchers and agents
stationed at Site-33 are to be educated about Ortothan believes, rituals and culture. Coorperation is not optional and if not met, personal must be given strong amnestics and send to another site. Although SCP-XXXX instances are allowed to leave their containment cell and site-33
if needed for an MTF mission, SCP-XXXX instances are under no circumstances allowed to be shown to the general public as it could cause a massive shift in normalcy.

Description: SCP-XXXX consists of multiple inctances ranging from SCP-XXXX-Alpha to SCP-XXXX-Epsilon. These SCP-XXXX inctances are of extraterrastrial origin, orginiating from the Orion constellation within the milky way.
Though the exact systen of origin is unkown to the Foundation The system of origin is Nemisis-B3 located in the eastern half of the Orion constellation (See Interviewlog XXXX-1). The SCP-XXXX instances were recovered
in the Glacier National Park, Montana in 2018 (See Recoverylog).

The SCP-XXXX instances resemble humanoids standing at an average of two meters height, although only five instances of SCP-XXXX are known to the Foundation, as such the average height could be different.
SCP-XXXX instances have scales similar to granit instead of skin, though these scales are significantly lighter. The instances of SCP-XXXX do not possess any hair, instead having enlarged scales arranged in what personal describes as a crown or cabbage shape. The nature of these instances have great
variety, ranging from aggressive and unnecessarily brutal outbursts to being patient and strategic, however all SCP-XXXX instances SCP-XXXX instances can use multiple anomalous abilitys including but not limited to:

-Invisibility to both heat and videocameras aswell as the human eye.
-Telepathic speech.
-Being able to lift up to two metric tons.

These anomalous abilitys can be explained through the biology of SCP-XXXX. Although it appears that all SCP-XXXX instances are able to understand multiple human languages, that due to the biologicaly different vocal tract are not able to communicate with humans other than telepathic speech (See Interviewlog-2
and Testlog-1). It also appears that SCP-XXXX-Alpha is the leader of the internal hierachy of the five SCP-XXXX instances (See Interviewlog-2). It has also been noted that the local hume levels around SCP-XXXX instances rise slighty, not causing any harmful effects, as such these shifts in hume levels are ignored.

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