Gamer Against Weeds
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Item #: SCP-4914

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation webcrawlers have confirmed that the only copy of SCP-4914 is in Foundation custody and the hard drive containing it is to be stored in a standard anomalous items locker. Testing of SCP-4914 is permitted by researchers level 1 or higher. These tests are only to be done on remote systems lacking internet access.

The internet activity of SCP-4914's creator1 is to be monitored for further anomalous incidents.

Description: SCP-4914 is a modified digital copy of the video game Doom, originally released in 1993 by ID Software. Unlike standard versions of Doom, SCP-4914 is 468 megabytes in size and functions from a single executable file. Upon running SCP-4914, it functions as a standard copy of Doom.

SCP-4914-1 are anomalous growths of Digitaria sanguinalis, a species of grass commonly referred to as crabgrass. SCP-4914-1 grows directly on the motherboard of the computer it is run on. This growth occurs 16 hours after SCP-4914 is executed. During its growth cycle, SCP-4914-1 uses high amounts of computer processing power from any available components.2 SCP-4914-1 is capable of regrowing to full maturity within 5 minutes if it is removed by any means other than the use of vinegar.

To date, no other alternately modified copies have been recovered.

Addendum 4914/1: SCP-4914 was originally discovered following its online posting by known members of GoI 'Gamers Against Weed.' The following are chat logs documenting SCP-4914's creation and initial distribution.

so basically some GAW gamer trolls the other users epic style by making a program that makes a grass species called Digitaria sanguinalis (its literally called digitaria. as in digital. the perfect name for pc weeds.) grow in their pcs. it hogs ram or something and they either have to live with it or take apart their pc and deweed. the program only starts the growth; it doesnt control the growth, so they actually have to use like, weed removal stuff.

wiki artilecle

i also might get a pic of a pc with the weeds in it. but probably not. if someone else could, thatd be amazing.


  • one guy gets mad its not made to grow marijuana, hilarity ensues
  • you cant just kill the program to kill the weeds, u gotta deweed
  • need names for the program
  • is it just a troll or some botany enthusiast experimenting?


  • Bingledorf - very blunt
  • liquid_water - some kid
  • lucy - very energetic but do not talk a lot
  • rocknrow - likes memes, probably the one who makes the mary jane comment
  • Takeovermetal - made the scp, likes plants (lol)
  • bones - yall know bones right


This is one of those "how the hell did nobody think of this," moments we often see here on the wiki. I'd also like to apologize (specifically to nico) because as much as I wanted to continue my theme of naming my works after Sunny quotes, there's no way I could not have used this current title.

Special thanks to:
kinchtheknifebladekinchtheknifeblade for making sure this was GAW-y
Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini for being awesome and giving crit
Doctor CimmerianDoctor Cimmerian for helping with sentence flow and wording
everyone who had a cameo as a character in this (because i suck with characters and using them as bases really helped)