I put, uh I put vitamins in your shampoo so your hair doesn't fall out.
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An instance of SCP-4804 at recovery.
(Cognitohazards censored.)

Item #: SCP-4804

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4804 instances are kept in Biological Containment Room #47 at Site-66. Personnel who wish to study SCP-4804 must have a recorded score of 35 or higher on the Anomalous Cognitive Resistance Scale.

Description: SCP-4804 is the designation given to a sentient species of parasitic shampoo bottles, with a current recorded population of 46. SCP-4804 instances are visually similar, appearing as green bottles of shampoo with each instance bearing different arbitrary markings. The markings exert a visual cognitohazardous effect on direct observers, which causes them to view SCP-4804 as a bottle of shampoo they currently own. If the individual does not own a bottle of shampoo, SCP-4804's appearance will be unaffected. To date, no contained instances have expired.

SCP-4804 is not directly harmful and instances are capable of limited movement.1 Harmful effects occur when the liquid (designated SCP-4804-1)2 inside SCP-4804 is used to wash the hair of any living mammal.3 When used on a living mammal, hereby designated SCP-4804-A, SCP-4804-1 induces a mild burning sensation. 24 hours following the use of SCP-4804-1, the hair of SCP-4804-A will begin to harden and SCP-4804-A will enter a vegetative state. During a two day period following this, the hair and nails of SCP-4804 will retract into the body. SCP-4804-A will then begin to produce anomalously high amounts of keratin, concentrated near the top of the scalp. Any number of SCP-4804 instances from one to seven4 will grow outward from the head of SCP-4804-A. SCP-4804-A will then exit its vegetative state, no longer capable of growing hair or nails.

Discovery: SCP-4804 was initially discovered in the ███████ Children's Foster Home in ███████████, Missouri, following reports of all individuals in the building losing their hair overnight and their subsequent inactivity during the next two days. MTF β-19 ("Bright and Sunny") was dispatched and 41 instances of SCP-4804 were located and collected. Witnesses were issued amnestics and directly affected individuals were brought to Site-66 for further testing.