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Photograph of SCP-4577-A (hover to enlarge)

Item #: SCP-4577

Object Class: Safe1

Special Containment Procedures: The town of ██████2, Missouri is occupied by Foundation personnel, and a 5km exclusion zone has been established around it. Deceased individuals are to be immediately removed from the town and incinerated. All consumer waste is to be collected and transferred offsite twice weekly. All previous residents are to be monitored, in the event of them becoming SCP-4577-1 instances. Individuals attempting to enter the exclusion zone are to be thoroughly questioned, issued amnestics, and released.

Description: SCP-4577 is designated as the spontaneous animation of approximately 20% of recently deceased citizens in the town of ██████, Missouri.3 Individuals affected by SCP-4577 are henceforth known as SCP-4577-1. From documented occurrences, no pattern in the selection of SCP-4577-1 instances has been observed; all entities are indiscriminate. Once animate, SCP-4577-1 instances will make their way to the nearest concentration of waste within the town, the primary target being the town's landfill, designated SCP-4577-A.4 Upon arriving at its destination, SCP-4577-1 will bury itself in waste and cease all further anomalous activity. Non-anomalous instances, at this point, can be returned to their original location of burial. To date, there have been 95 documented occurrences of SCP-4577.

Citizens of ██████ refer to SCP-4577-1 instances as "lost souls," treating their reanimation as a commonplace event. Citizens will often ignore SCP-4577-1 instances, out of what is assumed to be respect for the dead, or because they are unable to discern the difference between an SCP-4577-1 instance and a pedestrian.5

Foundation personnel are currently devising procedures for isolating ██████ and moving its citizens to other locations, as SCP-4577 has only been documented to occur in the town itself.

Interview Log 4577/1:

Interview Log 4577/2:

Addendum: As of ██/██/2015, all residents of ██████, Missouri have been amnesticized and relocated. The town has been demolished and redesignated as Area-102.