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Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All actors are expected to retire from their roles and exit stage left after taking a final bow as dictated by the director.

SCP-001 is not to be spoken of in-character.

Description: SCP-001 refers to the cyclical recasting of all actors upon the conclusion of a performance.

Recasting is currently in effect.

Below is a list of directorial notes pending implementation via SCP-001.

Character Notes
Dr. Bright I would like to see the character go in a new, more serious direction. Turn the comedy into a tragedy.
The Statue ATTN Costume Department:This costume needs to change, ASAP.
Moon Champion Though the serious demeanor of the character compared to his outlandish story is amusing in a deadpan tone, an exaggerated and bombastic performance will truly bring him to life.
Dr. Gears After much consideration, it has been concluded that a Gears-type character would not have a wife or children, and as such, will lack them moving forward.
Dr. Everwood ATTN Costume Department: Remember to sever the actor's right arm this time. The robot arm story requires too much explaining.

Not all parts are recast during each SCP-001 cycle. The following tables list characters which will not be returning during the next performance, as well as a reason provided by the director.

Character Notes
Dr. Iceberg Immermorable, irrelevant, unnecessary.
Allison Chao Made redundant as Dr. Gears no longer has a family.
Dr. Kondraki Repeated on-stage accidents and inflammatory behavior.
Researcher Smalls Repeated absenteeism.
Researcher Lloyd Character poses constant, immediate danger to other actors.

Roles Pending Transition: The following characters were not present at curtain call.

Character Status
O5-1 Located.