SCP-3724 - "Atomic Spectere"
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The SCP: A ghost or some spoopy shit that causes big atomic explosions.


The town of █████ in 1954 during large scale SCP-3724 affects

Item #: SCP-3724

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: News articles and media sources to be consistently monitored for reports of large scale spontaneous atomic bombings. If a manifestation of SCP-3724 is confirmed, MTF Mu-13 ("Ghostbusters") is to be dispatched to the location. Upon arrival, all attempts should be made to severely incapacitate or injure SCP-3724 and cause it to demanifest. All records of the event are to be destroyed, and replaced with records detailing cover story Omega-8 "Nuclear Meltdown". Any surviving witnesses of an SCP-3724 event are to be administered amnestics, and implanted false memories that coincide with cover story Omega-8.

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