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SCP-4998 prior to containment.

Item #: SCP-4998

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4998 is kept in a locked chamber at Site-13, laced with lead and steel alloys. Any non D-Class personnel attempting to interact with SCP-4998 should be detained and taken for a psychiatric evaluation immediately. Should SCP-4998 breach containment, it should be subdued via bullets made of a custom lead alloy safe for use by human subjects. Outside of testing circumstances, SCP-4998 should not be let outside of its chamber within 7 meters of a living subject with natural blood inside them.

Description: SCP-4998, in its base state, is a short pale grey wolf, with the ability to communicate with humans via speech. Should SCP-4998 come within 7 meters of a living human subject it associates with danger, it will begin to emit a loud piercing sound, which will remove all the current blood inside the affected individual.

SCP-4998 will begin to grow in size and strength with every liter of blood taken from the victim. SCP-4998 has been recorded growing large claws, wings, and other limbs during this stage, but this is dependent on the amount of blood SCP-4998 is able to consume from victims.

However, should SCP-4998 be put in the vicinity of lead or steel materials, it will enter a passive calm state, and will be unable to take any amount of blood from nearby humans. Testing is currently pending to test the limits of SCP-4998.

Addendum: The current project head leading research for SCP-4998 is Researcher Kalt Meer. Please speak to Researcher Meer for any questions regarding current research into SCP-4998.