Item #: SCP-5377

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5377 is currently kept inside a sound sealed cell within the Euclid Class Wing of Site-14. Every 3 days, at least 1 on-site personnel assigned to SCP-5377 is to be sent inside SCP-5377's cell. Said personnel is to hold up a conversation with SCP-5377 about a topic chosen by the current Project Head for at least 15 minutes.

Should circumstances prove this to be difficult, a tape within SCP-5377's cell containing a prerecorded series of questions, which have been determined to provoke a positive response from SCP-5377, should be played.

Under no circumstances should SCP-5377 be left alone with no interaction for over 3 days.

Description: SCP-5377 is a vintage 1974 radio with no identifying logos or marks. SCP-5377 seems to be sentient, and is able to vocalize fluent German, and English. SCP-5377 has been noted to be extremely loud, though SCP-5377 does not seem to be aware of its volume levels.

If SCP-5377 is left without conversation for more than 3 days, it will begin to vocalize, asking questions such as "IS ANYONE THERE" and "PLEASE RESPOND". These vocalizations will become increasingly louder over time, eventually becoming so loud that SCP-5377 will begin to destroy its surroundings. It is unknown how SCP-5377 gained sentience, or what method it uses to vocalize.

Addendum: Due to the danger posed by SCP-5377, neutralization has been proposed by multiple high ranking GOC operatives working at Site-14. These request are currently being evaluated.