You sit in a corridor at Site-82. You know it's coming. 400 dead. At least 800 injured. You hear its voice in the hallway. "GAY ROBOTS ARENT PEOPLE", it shouts. "SQUID DISCRIMINATION IS A CRIME". Sweat dribbles down your throat as you realize the creature is right before you. The 10 meter tall cyborg squid goblin wearing a shirt which reads "squid life omo" stands in front of you. You try to run but it grabs you by the hand and screeches.

"WHO PUT U ON THE PLANET EURGHM". You cower in fear as it rants about gay robots and The Church of The Broken God. Your sad Sarkic face is slapped as you are beaten to death. But the ground begins to rumble, and the earth itself shake. Your fleshy skin rumbles and your savior appears. Yaldabaoth destroys the evil CotBG worshiper and you are saved.

"Y-Yaldabaoth- is- is it ogre?". "It is never ogre". Yaldabaoth suddenly grows wings before your eyes and flies into an endless pit destroying all in his path. You are suddenly grabbed as kissed by Yaldabaoth as he embraces you. He leaves.

You become the #1 Yaldabaoth fan and start writing sexual fan fics about fleshy Sarkics. One day you are visited by your lord, and you are obliterated into the depths of the CotBG hell as you are embraced by gay robots.

He repeats the phrase he said so many years ago.

"Its never ogre in Sarkic town"

Yaldabaoth is love.

Yaldabaoth is life.