Documentation Record: - EOI-1999

Threat: Small.

Class: Zeno

Object Description and Capabilities: EOI-1999 is a large blade coated with gold and several other unidentified alloys, able to warp reality and hume levels within a 15 meter radius of the current EOI-1999 wielder, to a degree. EOI-1999 will produce a distinct glow in the retina of the wielder, and has 3 main affects, which are detailed below:

-EOI-1999 is able to manifest bullets, knives, tooth picks, and a variatey of other sharp objects in front of itself, which will disappear when the 15 meter affect radius is passed.

-EOI-1999 will make the current wielder of itself nearly, but not fully invincible. The current wielder of EOI-1999 is able to be damaged via blunt force and trauma from disease.

-EOI-1999 cannot be removed from the current wielder without death or amputation of connected arm. Upon amputation, EOI-1999 will immediately cause the former wielder to expire. It will then enter a dormant state until a new host is connected to EOI-1999.

Addenda: EOI-1999 is one of the only methods to temporarily stun EOI-413. Use of EOI-1999 on EOI-413 has resulted in negative results from EOI-413, and a 1 minute stun.