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Item #: SCP-3398

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3398 is currently locked inside a standard item containment box located at Site-82. Currently, no other procedures are necessary.

Description: SCP-3398 is a small black cellphone with no identifying logos or marks. When SCP-3398 is turned on, it will automatically call the number 999-21000-9381-7762. Upon this number being called, a voice will answer and state "Thank you for calling the WP&WS support number. What plumbing needs do you currently have?".

If the caller answers by talking about any subject not related to plumbing, SCP-3398 will shut down automatically. If the caller answers an issue related to plumbing, then a large white van (which has been designated SCP-3398-1.) with the words "WENCER PLUMBING & WASHING SERVICES" will immediately appear near the caller.

If the caller was inside any sort of structure during this process, SCP-3398-1 will crash through the structure no matter the material, protection, or thickness of the structure. An unidentified individual always wearing blue jeans and a red hat (designated SCP-3398-2.) will be driving SCP-3398-1. Upon SCP-3398-1's arrival, SCP-3398-2 will vocalize the phrase "YOU CALLED?!" and will proceed to get out of SCP-3398-1 and attempt to help the original caller with plumbing, even if the caller had no plumbing issues at the time. SCP-3398-2 and SCP-3398-1 will demanifest during attempts to harm, or contain SCP-3398-2.

SCP-3398-2 seems to have no knowledge of plumbing, and will attempt to fix issues unrelated to plumbing, with plumbing, that the caller may have. No matter the circumstances, these fixes attempted by SCP-3398-2 will always work and will fix any and all current issues that the caller has had.

Addendum: SCP-3398 was discovered in the household of James Richards after SCP-3398 usage to fix a large home fire within Richards home. The following is a transcript of the transpiring events.

SCP-3398-1 breaks through the household of James Richards completely destroying the kitchen.


James Richards: Uh- uh yes? I need help, this fire is going to destroy my house-

SCP-3398-2: HOUSE FIRE? UHHHH UHHH I CAN FIX THIS HOLD ON! Uh- uhm- lets see here. Wrench, uh, yeah? Lets see these pipes

James Richards: Pipes..? You're mistaken, I asked about plumbing but the real issue wa-

SCP-3398-2: (SCP-3398-2 begins to violently hit kitchen pipes) Uhh hold on I know what I'm doing. Lets- oops

A large pipe breaks open spraying water on a large fire.

SCP-3398-2: Uhh, yes that was intentional. Plumbing fixes everything. That will be 500 dollars.

James Richards: How did you even do that? What the fuck? Just- just take your fucking cash.