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Item #: SCP-3653

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3653 is currently kept inside of a standard item containment area at Site-82, and is not to be interacted with under any circumstances. In the event that SCP-3653 enters an active state, it should be subdued and recontained immediately.

Description: SCP-3653 is a large white toilet, with the logo "WP&WS, for all your plumbing needs" engraved into its side. Due to this, and footage recovered upon SCP-3653's discover, it is assumed to be connected to GoI-1279 "Wencers Plumbing & Washing Services". When SCP-3653 is flushed, it will become active and hostile, moving via 2 black arm appendages. SCP-3653 has also been observed secreting feces from its "arms". During this process, SCP-3653 has been noted to repeat the phrase "Wencer" and appear angry. Subjects "swallowed" into SCP-3653 during its active state seem to disappear completely, but are assumed to be transported to another location.

Discovery: SCP-3653 was discovered in an abandoned warehouse in Brooklyn New York, along with 2 unidentified corpses. A tape was found near SCP-3653. The following is a transcript of the footage


Unidentified: Is this thing on? Alrighty. This will be, what is it, WP&WS tape 089? I lost count, but who cares. So, uh, Jim, what we got here?

Unidentified 2: It's the next generation of toilets! It lives, it breathes, and it eats your shi- I mean, feces.

Unidentified: Is it supposed to be doing that?

Unidentified 2: Eating your shit? Yeah wh-

Unidentified: No I mean, growing arms.

Unidentified 2: W-what? What do you mean growing arms, is it- oh shit oh shit oh shi-


Addendum 1: On 8/9/18, D-086, who had fallen into SCP-3653 during a prior incident, emerged from SCP-3653 during its inactive state. D-086 was subsequently taken in and interviewed.

Interviewed: D-086

Interviewer: Dr. Roman


Dr. Roman: Could you explain to me where you were during your time, er, "inside" SCP-3653?

D-086: Toilet land…?

Dr. Roman: What do you mean "toilet land"?

D-086: It transported me to earth. Except, everything, and I mean everything was made of toilets. Small toilets, large toilets, medium toilets. Red,blue, you name it.

Dr. Roman: I see. How did you survive? Did this area have food, or water?

D-086: I didn't need to eat. I don't know why. But there was food, lots of it, all made out of, well, human shit.

Dr. Roman: Oh my. Well, thank you for this interview, I think that's all I nee-

D-086: One more thing. I saw someone else, a normal human in there. He was wearing some shitty blue uniform with a name-tag. It read "James Wencer".