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RPC-031 (1887) Upon initial discovery

Item #: RPC-031

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: RPC-031 is housed within OL-Site-71, in ████████, Indiana, due to the immovable nature of it’s design. OL-Site-7 is located beneath an artificial hill, made to appear natural to the surrounding area, and an entrance hidden within a historical farmstead.

The above surface structures were relocated and public records edited to corroborate with the current location. Staff are required to wear civilian clothing outside the interior of OL-Site-7 and identify as members of the “Hendricks County Historical Society”, working to preserve the historical farmstead. Any Non-Authority personnel attempting to breach the interior of the farmstead are to be turned away without force, when possible with use of EG-3 & EG-4.

Testing is to be carried out on a regular schedule, with 2 guards present, and detectors installed into the well to detect Memetic, Bio, and Chemical Hazards. Salt water is to be returned to RPC-031 and other materials stored, and cataloged. In the case that any detector is triggered, the winch is to be released, and RPC-031a allowed to fall to the base of RPC-031. Due to the large quantity of testing, any test with remarkable or otherwise curious retrievals or circumstances are to be highlighted for review.

Description: RPC-031 is a large stone well, measuring an average of 1.04 Meters across. Design and wear dates the well to roughly 1858. The well has a wooden roof, with a cast iron axel and wheel used to lower and raise a bucket, here after RPC-031a. None of the materials of the well possess any anomalous properties, because of this the roof has been removed and placed aside within OL-Site-7 and a modem winching system installed used to raise and lower RPC-031a.

RPC-031a is immune to corrosion or wear and fills with salt-water whenever lowered beyond 8 meters into the well. The water found within the bucket upon retrieval is often unremarkable, but occasionally items, animals, and anomalous objects appear within the bucket. Based on testing of different retrievals of RPC-031a, it was thought that it relocates its contents with an equal volume of a salt water body. Test-982 confirmed this theory. A secondary anomaly occurs in RPC-031 past 15 meters, where it appears any matter in a liquid state vanishes. This was reported before containment and has since been utilized as part of standard testing procedure.

Following Test-356, protocol was updated to require armed protection and installation of bio kit to OL-Site-7.

Sampling of Recovered Materials

Roughly 2 tons of sand.
A young Coelacanth.
Previously undiscovered species of shellfish and deepwater life.
42 shoes, 30 with feet inside.
RPCs ███, ███, and ████.
9 rubber ducks. (Currently Missing)
2 creatures believed to be extra-terrestrial in origin.
82 Lego bricks of various size.
A Boeing 777 Black Box.
A device of similar design to the Antikythera Mechanism.
Various coins, relics, and other valuables likely lost in wrecks.
Headlamp from a 1912 Renault Coupe de Ville.
Unrecorded amounts of plastic detritus. (Responsibly Recycled, as requested by Dr.████████)

Cataloged items are shipped weekly to Site-83 for review and additional material testing. The Authority will store, destroy, display, or sell recovered material at the discretion of the Site-83 Director.

[[collapsible show="+ TEST: 3,319 " hide="- Close"]]
Test Report: 3,319
Dr. Carter and Staff, 07/14/2002
Transcription of Audio Records from Digital Test Recorder

- RPC-031 is primed for our final test today.
- Winch is lowering RPC-031a.
- Goddamn it… It's…
- Something came up. The detectors went off, soon as it popped in.
- Fuck me. Shit.
- Hard to see what it looked like at first, but it shrieked like a fucking banshee, jumped right out of the well, and knocked everything over. Slashed my arm good…