Wencers Plumbing & Washing Services
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Item #: SCP-3701

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3701 is currently locked inside a small standard containment locker located in Site-82. SCP-3701's container is to be checked and washed every 2 days.

During this time, SCP-3701 should be temporarily placed inside of a secondary container identical to the original. No other containment procedures are necessary at this time.

Description: SCP-3701 is a large red monkey wrench.

When SCP-3701 is used for preforming work on anything it considers a plumbing pipe,1 the user of SCP-3701 will be able to replace any water located inside the pipe to any form of liquid or solid matter, over the course of 15 minutes, however area of affect is limited due to the small size of SCP-3701's toolhead. SCP-3701 has a 50% chance to work completely, and a 50% chance to change liquid to materials not intended by the user.

SCP-3701 includes a logo containing the following slogan: "WP&WS, for all your plumbing needs." along with the phone number ██-████-678-████-888. Because of this, and incident 3701#X512, it is assumed the object is connected to GoI-1590 "Wencer's Plumbing & Washing Services".

Discovery: On 1/12/2018, Jacob ████, an amateur plumber, acquired SCP-3701 without realizing its anomalous affects. During attempted use, ████ managed to change the water in his sink pipe to molten lava, and seeked help by calling the number on SCP-3701. Upon calling the number, a large blue van with the letters "WP&WS" spray painted onto it appeared at Mr. ████'s home.

The following is a recorded transcript of the event, dubbed Incident 3701#X51.


Unidentified: Uh, Wence, I did an oopsie.

Unidentified 2: What? What do you mean? Whats going on?

Jacob ████: Jesus Christ, what the fuck did you do to the water? Is that acid?

Unidentified: Wence, remember the uh, prototype.

Unidentified 2: Yes…?

Unidentified: Well it turned all the plumbing into molten lava.

Jacob ████: Who are you talking to? Actual fucking lava and acid? This has to be a dream- all- all you did was touch the pip-

Unidentified: Shut the hell up, I'm talking to the boss.

Unidentified 2: You explode an apartment. You combust a kitchen. You burn down a house. That's it, this is the final straw. Get to my office after this mess is cleaned up, you're fired.

Unidentified: But- but boss! You- you fucking idiot! You got me fired! Good job, and now this will probably get me arrested for arson!

Jacob ████: Well it's not my fault that you just- did that by magic? What the hell? Just- just get out. The house is going to burn. Call 911!

Unidentified: Man, fuck yo-


SCP-3701 was later recovered by Agent Par████ in the burning household of Jacob ████, along with a burnt note reading "FUCK YOU, WENCER".