Stupid dumb vent shut up

Being the General of the Foundation's space force wasn't important to you.

What was important was finding that specific brand of happiness that had escaped you when you were taken in to the Foundation.

Sure, going out and fighting aliens of all sizes was your dream and always a favorite of yours, but so was hanging out with your girlfriend on Saturday night's at your house watching all sorts of Japanese animations.

Everyone thought she was dead. She apparently died following an attack by some extraterrestrial scout forces.

Your heart was absolutely broken. You recently did something you regretted horribly because you felt it had hurt her and now that she was dead, you could never apologize.

As faith would have it, she survived and her body was placed in to suspension to heal her injuries and prevent any further damage.

Yet, your heart was still smashed to pieces because you knew that she would never be seen again. Anyone put in to suspension in the Foundation might as well have been killed in action.

Today, you had enough

Before hitting the final key on the keypad to unlock all the prison cells on the SCPS Gehenna, you rethought your plan one last time and had one last thought about being with her.

This was something you were willing to die for as death was more desirable than another day without her.


And just like that, hundreds of alien pirates and bandits were running out if their cells with you running out quicker than they could get out of their cells.

Five minutes later, you were at the medical station of the station in the restricted section where your lover was kept. Grabbing hold of a stretcher and using brute force to put her on to it, you were quicker out then you were in.

Sneaking in to the loading bay to grab hold of a spacecraft to get on out of there with you encountered one lingering Marine who stopped to ask what you were doing.

"General Forelli, w-what are you doing? You gotta help us out! All the prisoners just escaped!"

You knew this kid. He was just like you, saying "Eff you" to his security level and always wanting to know more than he should. Too young to die, but old enough to be taught a brutal lesson.

Taking out your baton you struck him across the cheek one last time and told him to do whatever makes him happy before loading the suspended woman on to the spacecraft.

Hearing one last explosion from an unknown area, you finally left the SCPS Gehenna with no plans to ever return.

Foundation Incident Report

Incident Location: SCPS Gehenna

Incident Type: Prisoner/D-Class Riot

Laconic Incident Description: A glitch in the SCPS Gehenna's security system lead to her accidental release of all 122 prisoners.

Noteable Causilities: General Forelli was presumed to be killed during the beginning of the incident. However, as his body was not discovered following the incident, it is assumed he was either captured, displaced or lost in space.

Full file can be found here.

"Hey Gio, you coming to watch Watamote?"

"One second, darling."

You walked on to the patio and took one last look at the night sky before giving a salute which you held for almost three whole minutes.

"It's been a pleasure, lads…"

Heading in you finally got to lay down and realize that for the first time in almost 10 years, you had found happiness.