A sandstorm was coming. Not like this bothered you, the sand would fall out of your system in a few days time. What was the real issue were the Sandboxers. Some "badass' bandits that played in to every sterotypical band of thieves you saw on TV before things came to where they were today. This would be your, probably, third encounter with them this year? Luckily the last two times, the "Kyoto Death Watch" saved your ass. What were they anyways? From what you heard, they used to belong to a unit called IJAEMA from the Japanese government that did all sorts of dirty underhanded stuff and summoned demons. Yeah right. Sounds like some conspiracy theory bull, but you were a former member of the U.S. millitary and had access to all sorts of beyond clearance stuff, especially when Anderson Paratech started rolling out. It felt hypocritical in a way. Behind the cloud of sand was that song. That damned song. The anthem of the Sandboxers. It was so disorted that your scanners couldn't recognize it, but you had a hunch that it was probably Skinny Puppy or KMFDM or some edgy bull like that.

The storm was too close by now to avoid it. With your staff in your hand, you charged straight on in to the heard of savages heading your way. First came three Sandboxer androids