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The following is a compilation of documents recovered from the town of Movodaberg, Georgia following the occupation of the town by GOI-1776 from September 10th 2021 to April 10th 2038

Document █████-1: Diary of Steven Byzan


I would normally post this stuff on twitter, but I feel like if I post this online, the men in black will be at my door tommorow so I'm writing it down to get it out

I was out with my friends way later than we should have been and when we stopped to get gas, there were these green eyes in the woods behind the gas station. Jim said it was a deer and I asked him to go and prove it cause i'm a damn wimp. He goes in the woods and like 3 minutes later, there was this sound and it was like a mix between the sound a PS2 makes when you start it up and a car crash. The eyes were gone and I dunno what happened but he flew a good 20 feet in to the air out of the woodwork and he was covered in scratches and his leg was all jacked up. Me and Mordecai had to carry him back to the truck and we floored it out of there.

Me and the guys have agreed to grab our dads rifles and go find whatever that thing was tomorrow. All I want is to come back alive


We ain't found a thing. No deers, no giant PS2's, nothing. Just trees and leafs everywhere.

Jim was probably being a dick and pulling a joke on us. Maybe it was an actual deer and jim just saw it as a good chance to pull our legs. hed do stuff like jump off his house in to his truck for a joke so I wouldn't doubt it. But that wouldn't explain how he flew from the woods. I want to think he jumped from a tree or launched himself with a branch but I'm still confused. and how would he make that weird sound? maybe a sound on his phone or something?

I don't get any of this, I don't think I should. I want to sleep on this and hope I forget all of this by tomorrow


Jim, Mordecai and Lucy text bombed my phone at 3 this morning and told me to meet them at the general store. I went down there and all 3 of them had their dads rifles and they even got a shotgun in their truck. Jim and Mord said that they found another one of those green eyes and followed it to the foot of the mountain. Mord said he doesn't have a clue to what's beyond it and now he wants me to come along.

We drove to the mountain and that cave was just a tunnel to this big clearing out yonder. In the clearing were these things. I don't know what they were. They were the green eye things we've been seeing. They looked like people but they just wernt. They were like robots but they werent. We had no idea what we saw and I don't think we were meant to see it. Mord said it might have been some CIA project gone loose but I still dont know what it was.

Jim and Lucy suggested we ran away but right when I turned around, one of these things just came up on us and made that sound. That damned PS2 sound. Lucy ran to the truck to boot her up while the rest of us shot this thing up. Good news is, the CIA didn't make them unkillable, bad news is, we wasted lots of shots trying to take it down and I didn't get a chance to get a good luck at these things

we ran to the truck and we pushed that thing to its limits. Never had I seen an old beater from the 90s go this fast before. somehow the old thing just got away from them but I still fee like those things are following us. I'm gonna write up some info on these things just in case Mord wants to show this to someone else.1


When was the last time I wrote in this? It feels like a billion years.

I took a look through this to try to recall some events because I don't remember a thing.

So I do remember these green things, but not these names. Who are Jim and Mordecai? I don't remember them and I doubt that they're a thing. Isn't mordecai a bird from a kids show or something?

It's all behind over now, so I'll just write some thing happening now. There are these guys who look like cops around here but something seems goofy. They seem more like soldiers dressed as cops. Maybe they know this Mordecai guy.

Following this entry, Foundation operatives confiscated the diary from Byzan and administered Class X mnestics to restore Byzan's memory of Mordecai and Jim, but all attempts unsuccessful. Class H amnestics were then issued.

No records of any individuals named Jim or Mordecai that were similar to the ones mentioned in Byzan's diary were found.

Document █████-2: "Resistance Pamphlet"

On 4/11/22, a section of a pamphlet was discovered in the house of Movodaberg resident Ken Burke. Burke was nowhere to be found following the defeat of GOI-1776 and is presumed to have expired at some point during the occupation of Movodaberg. While the pamphlet begins and ends midsentence, a transcript has been provided below:

-must love Movodaberg as much as we do and have probably joined to take it back. So lets go over a few things first. First, we have two meetup points where our meetings take place every two fridays. The first is the basement of my house and the second is at the old lumber mill two miles west of Movodaberg. Second, you will need to have a bit of experience with weaponry of all kinds. If you aren't the best, we always have the pros on hand to help you learn. We also fashion ourselves homemade bombs and molotovs. Finally, we'll have to go over what these "things" are. I've fancied to calling them "Esko's", but I've also heard the word "Lumi's" thrown around a bit in reference to their green eyes. I will just refer to them as Esko's for the sake of this pamphlet. Now these things appear to be-

Foundation agents investigated the basement and lumber mill mentioned in the pamphlet and found dozens of cadavers belonging to unknown individuals within both locations.

Document █████-3: Images from a Journal belonging to an unidentified member of GOI-1776

On 4/13/22, a journal belonging to a currently unidentified member of GOI-1776 was found near a general store in Movodaberg. All image captions are transcribed from text on the back of images written in green permanent marker.


River in Movodaberg. Can be frozen over?


Somebody found this area. Shall we advance?


Don't hide from us, snitch


THIS IS A WARNING FOR THOSE WHO [caption ended mid-sentence]


Parts of the Snitch Truck. No use for parts currently found


The Harvest was a success


Post-Harvest cleanup


If nobody remembers you, you [caption ended midsentence]


[No Caption was present on the image]

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