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Item #: SCP-3378

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: 250,000 200,000(approx.) instances of SCP-3378 are currently stored in Site-77 for storage purposes, and 100 instances of SCP-3378 are currently stored in Anomalous Item Locker C291 of Site-202 for research purposes.

100 instances of SCP-3378 stored within Site-77 are to be incinerated on a daily basis. All newly retrieved instances of SCP-3378 are to be incinerated.

In the event of an attack on Site-77 or Site-202, all SCP-3378 instances on site are to be incinerated.

All requests for usage of SCP-3378 for non-research purposes are to be approved by the head researcher of SCP-3378(Currently Dr. Lai Dr. Callaghan) on a case-by-case basis. Any attempts to use SCP-3378 for non-research purposes without proper authorization will be met with immediate termination of employment.

Description: SCP-3378 is 250,000 200,000 sheets of white A4 paper with printings related to The Chinese University of Hong Kong on one side. SCP-3378 exhibits anomalous behavior whenever an individual uses SCP-3378 to write out calculations related to probability.

SCP-3378 is capable of transforming the result of calculations which would have a result of a low probability1 into a result of higher probability2. See Test Log 3378 for more details.

People unaware, or in certain instances, aware of SCP-3378's anomalous effects, are unable to identify the error within the faulty calculations made by the subject’s completed calculations and will insist that the calculation is not faulty, regardless of the reviewer’s level of mathematical expertise.

Furthermore, if the constants and conditions of the function correspond with any real-world systems directly related to the subject executing the calculations with an accuracy of 3 significant figures, the real world system will then correspond to said calculations, thus increasing the frequency of rare occurrences related to the subject significantly. Scranton Reality Anchors have proven ineffective in stopping this effect.

SCP-3378 may lose its anomalous properties from printing on the unprinted side of the paper. However, due to the lack of efficiency for this method, incineration remains the most effective method of destruction for SCP-3378.

05/04/20 Update: It is currently suspected that SCP-3378 is capable of self-replication on a small scale due to inconsistencies in the documented amount of SCP-3378 instances in Site-77 records. Special Containment Procedures have been updated to compensate for the aforementioned discovery. Requests for reclassification to Euclid is pending was rejected 0-13 on 28/04/20.

We are looking at an increase of 100 per day for 250,000 instances of SCP-3378. That equates to an increase of 1 per day per 2,500 instances. No.

SCP-3378’s existence was discovered on 03/04/19, after several students of The Chinese University of Hong Kong had won the Mark Six3 within a short period of time. However, searches for SCP-3378 remained fruitless until 27/01/23, during an unusually steep drop within the Hong Kong housing market, as well as previously-unseen efforts by the People’s Republic of China to democratize. See Addendum 3378.3 for more details.

Cross testing with SCP-089 and SCP-3689 is pending was rejected 6-7 on 22/02/23.

Reclassification to Thaumiel is pending was rejected 4-9 on 22/02/23.

Dr. Lai, we secure, contain, and protect. We don't use anomalies to help mankind, we help them from it. Besides, there are probably several million universes where the Foundation destroyed itself or the world trying to help humanity.

Addendum 3378.1

After discussion by the O5 Council and the Ethics Committee, it has been determined that SCP-3378 is not to be used for any practical purposes to avoid unintentional changes to the current political and/or economic climate.

Addendum 3378.2

3 of the Interview Logs from several individuals placed under Foundation custody during the discovery of SCP-3378 in 2019.

Searches for SCP-3378 remained fruitless for 3 years, until [See Addendum 3378.3].

Addendum 3378.3

SCP-3378 was rediscovered in 22/01/23, during an unusually steep drop within the Hong Kong housing market, as well as previously-unseen efforts by the People’s Republic of China to democratize.

Addendum 3378.4

On 25/02/23, Dr. Lai requested a transfer of 50,000 instances of SCP-3378 to be sent from Site-77 to Site-202 for research purposes. The transport was intercepted by GOI-████, and all 50,000 instances of SCP-3378 were lost.

After much investigation, it was discovered that the breach of intelligence was caused by Dr. Lai. Dr. Lai, in subsequent interviews, expressed a desire to use SCP-3378 "for the better of mankind", and that "he wanted it to be put in good hands".

While Dr. Lai's intentions are certainly good, there is no denying that he compromised the Foundation. We secure, contain, and protect. We don't save the world.
-Dr. Cheng

Dr. Lai is to be demoted to D-Class and transferred to Site-19 by April 2023.

Under the requests of Site Director Yeung, Dr. Callaghan, Dr. Cheng, and 43 other Site-202 staff, the repatriation of Dr. Lai has been changed to the demotion to Level 2 and transfer to Site-66. [[/tab]]