"H-H-Hello, Father McIntyre?"

"Greetings Dr. Hübermann, my child! What burdens shall you give to the lord today?"

"I uh, need to tell you something. I don't wanna tell any other therapist here. Site-133 is known for good therapists, but I want you specifically."

"The Lord shall accept any burden on your chest."

"So when I was working on the SCP-3819 project, I was reminded of something. You worked on it too before you converted, right?"

"That is true."

"Good, so you know what it does. Well when I was younger, I went on a road trip in America. It was a very good trip. We planned to be there for a full week but then we had to cut it short."

"Why is that? Did a relative pass and make you return home?"

"No, something worse. We were driving through some highway in the midwest and it was dark. It was dark and quiet. My father loved to drive in the quiet when it was dark. Some crap about the old days or whatever. Anyways