Finally finished with Jr. High! Made Honor Roll and mom gifted me a new green bike to kick my summer off. Now my friends will stop laughing at me when I pull up to Joe's.


I hate Louis so much now.

Prick was hiding weed in the back of the store and Joe got pissed and fired me and all my friends. Luckily, mom wasn't upset but she gave me a stern talking about picking my friends. "Now Giorgio, you gotta pick friends who are just like you…", Ugh. Mom, I love you, but I'm sick of these talks everytime I do something dumb. As of the time I'm writing this, I'm really pissed off so I'll just head for a bike ride. At least I still got that.

That ass Louis caught up with me around Cypress Av cause he wanted to "talk to me". Was yapping on about these guys who would "give us more cash in one week than Joe would give in 5 years". What a liar. He wants me to stop by his place on the 30th. I got nothing better to do that day so I guess I'll peep it out. Until then, I'll just try to record some stuff for my cloud.