Item #: SCP-682

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-682 presents no danger to humanity, and thus can be safely stored within a standard object containment chamber.

Description: SCP-682 appears to be a lamp made in the 1950s consisting of porcelain. SCP-682 cannot be broken no matter what is done to it. It has been shown to be resilient to gunshots, fire explosions, being run over and crushing.

SCP-682 was discovered following a fire in a Minneapolis, Minnesota apartment complex where a room was completely burned with SCP-682 found in a corner completely unharmed and with only a few ashes on it.

"…and done!"

Dr. Keled was pleased with his first entry in to the database. Even if it took him two hours to write it, his mark on the foundation was now there.

"That's it?" replied a less impressed Dr. Morris