The following is an audio transcript of a video uploaded onto a public-access website titled "Routine Traffic Stop? As If!. Foundation agent pulling over a a member of the society caught on camera." The single individual appearing in the video has been identified as Arizona resident Paul Hall. The video was located by Foundation web crawlers within 32 minutes of its completed upload and promptly removed.

<Begin Log>

Obscured view at the beginning. Hall then picks up his phone revealing his face and the interior of his car. He begins to speak.

Hall: Ok so, an undercover Foundation officer has just pulled me over and is trying to get as much info on AN-SO from me as possible. But I am going to use some reverse psychology on him and get some Foundation info on him.

Hall sets his phone down on to the car's dash while the officer arrives. When the officer arrives, Hall picks the phone back up and points it at the officers face.

Officer: License and registration, please

Hall: Yours first, skipper.

Officer: I'm sorry what?

Hall: Tell me who you are and who you work for right now.

Officer: My name is Officer Craig Coleman of the Gilbert Police Department. I gave you my name, now give me yours.

Hall: So you can put my name in a Foundation database and then make the rest of the Society disappear? As if!

Officer: As long as whatever your "society" is doing is legal, then we have no reason to arrest you or anyone else.

Hall: Your mind games won't work on me! You got some amnestics in your car? Is this gonna be another "gas leak"?

Officer: Sir-

Hall: I bet you got two vans full of Mobile Task Forces around the corner. All just to get one guy?

Officer: I don't have any-

Hall: Liar!

Officer: Ok, let's go back to square one. I pulled you over because you had no seatbelt on and you were doing fifty-eight in a thirty. That's almost double the speed limit.

Hall: The Foundation has tech that goes faster than that.

Officer: I…

The officer puts his hands on his face and doesn't speak for two minutes. During this time, Hall directs the camera towards his face and speaks in a low voice

Hall: Looks like I've got him where I want him. Everytime I bring up anything related to the Foundation, the spiesser redirects the conversation. I think it's because he knows about everything. Now, I'm going to bring up several Foundation incidents and squeeze a bit more info out of him.

Hall directs the camera back towards the officer.

Hall: OK spiesser, riddle me this. On October 17th, 2010, a sinkhole appeared in the Russian village of Mirny. Hours later, there was a "gasleak" explosion occuring that killed at least 27 people. However, recorded phone calls report a winged creature doing all the work. How does that add up?

Officer: Ok, so, two things. One; You've been watching too much TV. Two; I still need your license and registration. You don't wanna be here any longer, and I don't wanna be here either. So just give me your license, I'll scan it, and you can go home and watch those crazy shows you love.

Hall: And where will you go? Back to snatching up anomalies? A lot of which don't even hurt people, might I add.

Officer: Alright sir, now you're just pushing it. So I will say this once. If you do not give me your license, I will have to use lethal force. I don't want this, you don't want this, but you are just testing your luck and my patience.

Hall: I knew it! You Foundation types are always quick to using violence against us hapless members of the society! Once I upload this, the world shall know of your evils!

The officer let's out a deep sigh before pulling out a nightstick and smashing the vehicles window, and opening the door.

Hall: Assault! Assault! Help! The Foundation is gonna kill me!

The officer drags Hall out of his car

Hall: Everybody will know about the Foundation before the end of this year! We are a group of peoples; the defenders of Earth! We Discover! We Captivate! We are AN-SO!

Hall is shoved against the officer's squad car and tazed before being shoved in to the car.

Officer: Ah, some quietness. A rare find these days.

The squad car drives off in the opposite direction of Hall's sedan.

<End Log>