View of Deep Snow

A destroyed section of the SCPS Harmony in SCP-4355





Special Containment Procedures

The Foundation has worked with the Kingdom of Denmark to establish a no-fly-zone has been established around SCP-4355 along with placing a Fynegan-Satellite-Obstruction-Disc to prevent satellites from taking photos of SCP-4355.

A recovery mission for the crew of the SCPS Harmony is currently pending Ethics-Committee review.


SCP-4355 is the designation of the crash site of the SCPS Harmony in the Sermersooq Municipality, in Greenland. The SCPS Harmony was a space craft dedicated to monitoring SCP-2813 and training agents for ETF-028.1 SCP-4355 is constantly under a blizzard with temperatures reaching as low as -104.4°C2


The following are transcripts of the personal logs of Lieutenant Drake Flynn ranging from 02/05/2043 (one day before the crash of the SCPS Harmony) and 03/09/2043 (the final transmission from Lieutenant Flynn's personal log to reach Martian-Area-01)

This is Lieutenant Drake Flynn of the SCPS Harmony. An SCP Foundation extraterrestrial space station dedicated to keeping monitoring SCP-2813 and training agents for our brand new Extraterrestrial Task Force. General Giorgio Forelli has decided to come by for the week to check on the progress of ETF-028. We currently have 131 foundation personnel on the Harmony including 50 agents, 40 researchers, 20 Class-D Personnel, 10 technicians and 10 medical personnel and General Forelli. Cooling Systems are in great condition, ditto for our on board computers, our offensive systems and our food and water generators. We have, however, been experiencing some issues with our magnetic shields. The tech guys have been finding bugs in the system and all sorts of space junk hitting the outside generators. Doesn't look like anything NASA or Soviet made though. They got these weird symbols on them, though. The boys are joking about "E.T. trying to come in for a drink" and General Forelli has been whacking them with his baton because of it. General Forelli has been acting weird since that space junk appeared. All I've heard him say over the past few days was him asking for some water from a D-Class servant. He never drinks water. Otherwise, the SCPS Harmony is up to par. Lieutenant Flynn out.

[Several gunshots and explosions are heard in the background for approximately 4 minutes before any speaking is heard]

This is Lieutenant Drake Flynn of the SCPS Harmony! We are under attack from an unknown extraterrestrial force! The Harmony is going dow-

[A loud screech is heard before several expletives and gun shots silence the origin of the screech]

-defend this point for a bit I need to record this damned message. Anyhow, the SCPS Harmony is going down! Good news is, we're over Greenland so nobody will find her when she drops down.