In the 2040s, the Foundation ditches their policy of secrecy and takes over the world following rampant anomalous incidents throughout the Carribean and Northern Europe that cannot be covered up. Humanity is now ruled by a single, tyrannical government in the form of the Foundation with one singal goal, the elimination of the anomalous. Hundreds of new laws are set in place that restrict freedom under the guise of fighting the anomalous such as:

  • The outlawing of all religious practices whether mono or polytheistic. This was done due to the ammount of anomalies with ties to religions, mainly of the Abrahamic faiths and Hinduism, but due to anomalies from other alternative faiths arrising, all religions were banned as they were believed to be a source of their power.
  • The existence of only one legal cable, radio, internet and mobile service provider, all are subsidiary fronts of the Foundation. Attempting to view media not provided by the Foundation often lead to screens with the phrase "REDACTED FOR YOUR SAFETY". Media produced prior to the Foundation's takeover become a hot commodity on the black market.
  • All houses and apartments are remade to follow one of six layouts, all approved by the Foundation, due to the rising ammount of anomalous houses, buildings and rooms.
  • Foundation millitary and police presence in the streets is increased tenfold, leading to sights such as tanks, fighter jets, jeeps, and attack helicopters (typically black) being seen on the daily.
  • Speech, press, petition and assembly are still technically allowed, as long as they do not defy anything done by the Foundation.


  • Constitution of the SCP World Government
  • Propaganda flyers for Teenagers and Young Adults (in progress)
  • Diary of a priest being persecuted by the Government


  • George and Eleanor: A young couple who simply live their lives in the new world, but secretly try to find memories of the old world
  • Brother Joseph: A priest who survived the burning of his church who now dedicates himself to spreading the word of god amongst those who rebel
  • Rocky Durez: An artist