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Allow me to preface this by saying that while I try to be thorough, I become less likely to comment on flaws if I find that I'm repeating myself. Keep this in mind as we go further.

Now, let us begin.

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> SCP-XXXX is an entity of extra-dimensional origin, capable of causing extensive damage to sentient beings in its vicinity.^^1^^.

You've left your punctuation outside of your footnote.
> Communication with SCP-XXXX is possible through short-range telepathy, however, prolonged mental exposure

The first comma could be a period, as it begins a new clause afterwards.

As for the obsolete portion of this, I'm noticing that some of the information i stuff we already know from the beginning. Maybe find a way to distinguish new information so that we aren't reading stuff we know already? Just a thought.
> but there's gotta be something there, eldritch horrors don't just exist to not do anything.

Same deal here. The stuff after the comma is its own clause, so the comma should be a period.

> I've been working on a… device.

This leads me to believe that the notes are being recorded vocally rather than written down. I think some distinction on that would be helpful here, as no one just writes an ellipsis in a personal journal.
I do //not// like the pink here. It's difficult to read without having to strain to my eyes. Can't say I care for the threat level either, as it seems largely unnecessary. In fact, between the pink text and the strikethrough, this is painful to read.
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If I understand your concept, it's an entity that is built on layers of identity, starting with Bennett, moving to Benjamin, and then to the core of it being SCP-XXXX. That's probably not it, but thats what I gathered based on a few key parts, such as "concentric" and "in that order". It's a neat little concept, and god damn it is hard to know if I got it right or was even close. And because of that, I can't really find myself being satisfied by that.

There is a strange tone to this article. I think it's because I'm used to small expository prefaces that you see in normal articles, like how the anomaly is recovered or when the interviews are taking place. This doesn't have any of that, and its strange how much it changes the general tone of the piece from a clinical document to a collection of loose documents. I don't know if I like it, but I find it interesting.

With that said, I don't think this format screw is doing it for me. I only barely understand what you are going for here, and the weirdness and blatant disregard for the format towards the end don't carry the article much further for me.

As it is, I'd be likely to downvote this if it were on the main list. I can't in good faith bring myself to upvote something I don't understand, and the amount of time I've spent reading it to get to an ending just to be confused isn't a good mark.

Good luck.



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