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Allow me to preface this by saying that though I try to be thorough, if I catch myself repeating the same thing over and over, I will become less likely to comment on those recurring flaws. Keep this in mind as we go further.

Now, let us begin.

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> SCP-DECI is to be kept in a standard locker in site █, referred to as site Mambo when discussing this object.

To avoid blackboxing here, and to just generally condense this, just refer to it as "Site-Mambo". You already set a precedent that numbers aren't going to be used, so why take the extra step there?

> The locker’s door must be painted a distinct shade of pink (color code #facade, see document SCP-DECI-REF for details).

Similarly, why even mention the color code? Most people aren't going to tell one pink from another. Most people would probably assume it is the only bright pink locker.

Furthermore, reading forward, this paint comes up more often later in the procedures. Consider moving this with the last paragraphs of your conprocs for consistency.

> --It is also recommended that before finishing their shift, personnel take an elementary mathematics skill assessment. Individual scores will be used to determine if any lingering effects of SCP-DECI exposure remain. This is not compulsory for the first fortnight.--

Strikethrough usually signifies that the information is invalid. Why keep invalid information in the containment procedures? Consider whether you really need this.
> SCP-DECI resembles a standard Casio calculator, though the exact model is unclear.

Is it not a calculator? If it isn't, then what is it? If it is, you don't need to say that it resembles one.

> SCP-DECI was retrieved from a pond on the grounds of █████ High School, NSW after the school made local news due to one year having all students of Year █ completely fail a mathematics test.

First, blackboxes aren't exactly "simile or metaphor". If you intend to continue to use blackboxes, you may want to rewrite your containment procedures to state "symbols" as well. Also, You can state the Year number if you write it out, per your own logic.

Second, and this might be more of a style choice, but I prefer to have what the anomaly is and does as close to the top of the description as possible. That way, you get the important stuff out of the way. Retrieval can wait a little bit. Just something to think about.

> So far, the SCP has been shown to tamper with:

I have a pet peeve of referring to anomalous objects, entities, events, and phenomenon as "the SCP". It's probably fine within the context of this work, since you can't numerically designate it, but you can call them a lot of things.

> English text of numbers

Well, that's an issue, since earlier in the document there is ##blue|one## year. Consider whether you actually need to a specify a time the incident occurred.

> However, increased exposure can cause the target to lose all ability to correctly calculate, count, write or read numbers in any situation. Effects dissipate after spending time away from SCP-DECI.

Feels like these two sentences are in the wrong order.

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