Italian Branch of the Protectorate

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S5s of the Protectorate

  • Cult of the Great Eye of the Mediterranean. The White Queen (maybe? gotta ask to Just Caos does not match any existing user name before) / They're members of the Protectorate only for personal purposes and to protect their God, the Great Eye of the Mediterranean. So they're about neutral. Here, all that stuff — logistics, helping people, having mercy? The CGOM doesn't do that. But what happens if a GOC squad marches alone on a Tunisian beach? The CGOM obliterates them.
  • Medician Academy of Occult Arts (MADAO). The Tutor A. L. / Tutor of the former headquarters in Florence of the Medicean Academy of Occult Arts. During his escape during the Liquidation of the Florentine Headquarter, he carried to safety several works of art with anomalous characteristics. In particular, he holds firmly to himself an anomalous version of the Divine Comedy, written by Dante Alighieri himself. He feels a particular hatred for "The Critic" of Are We Cool Yet? given their prior pre-Protectorate relationships, and differing views on art.
  • Ordo Iani (OI). Emperor Titus/Titozord (SCP-089-IT) (Untranslated) / The founder of the Order of Janus, one of the first organizations of study and containment, after the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D. He managed to prolong the course of his existence thanks to an ancient ritual made by the Etruscans, and a stone golem that allowed his soul to persist on this Earth. Previously located under Rome's Palatine Hill, the men of the Order had to move it to a new safe place when the Coalition discovered its location. He now resides in the Italian facility of the Protectorate of Security and Containment. He directs the Protectorate's military operations thanks to his thousands of years of experience. He has no particular hatred for any member of the Protectorate's S5 Council.
  • Antifascist Council of the Occult (ACO). / The Liberator II, leader of a small cell of members that wasn't loyal to the Fascist RIDIA, that escaped when it got absorbed by the GOC in 1945. He now directs in the creation of chimeras to destabilize Coalition assets. Replaced the original Liberator after he got executed by a PSYCHICS agent in 1976.
  • Confraternity of Saint George's Knights / Father Domenico Ilardi, one of the defectors from the CCSG, when it joined the GOC, following the negotiation made with Pope Pius XII. Thanks to some stolen angelic relics, he managed to prolong his life and that of his companions. He thinks there is good in all anomalies, and that they too have a soul. He is opposed to the actions taken by the GOC. He directs the military operations of the Protectorate together with Emperor Titus, as well as the moral support of the inhabitants of the Structure.

The Defector:

  • Also known as Agent Barry Oxen Xavier, or Agent B. O. X. Agent in the form of an anthropomorphic albino wolf, capable of changing its shape temporarily into a human.
  • Loves using guns
  • A lot of guns
  • Has the senses of hearing, sight in the dark, and agility, increased
  • Defector of the GOC
  • He left the organization after the operation of liquidation of LTO-1895-Barnum "Circus of the Disquieting", feeling a sense of guilty
  • He discovers about the Protectorate around 2020
  • He lefts the GOC at the beginning of 2021, escaping from the base
  • Now he's constantly hunted down by the GOC operatives

Epic inspirations for the fight on a public train to Berlin against Black Suits of the GOC