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The Central Mausoleum of SCP-001. Photo Taken November 7th, 1942.

Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: A single grave must be dug each day within SCP-001. For ritualistic purposes, each grave must be at least 183 centimeters deep. Length and width must be adequate to accommodate most adult human cadavers, with 2.45 meters in length and 0.75 meters in width considered sufficient.

Each grave must be dug manually by willing non-D class personnel, and using only the equipment provided by SCP-001-A. SCP-001-A will also specify the location of each grave. Gravedigging that has not been authorized by SCP-001-A is not permitted under any circumstances. All personnel are to defer to any instructions given by SCP-001-A,  and allow it to function unimpeded. Failure to do so will result in immediate demotion and reassignment.

During the majority of 13-year cycles with only three leap years, one grave is to be left empty and covered with a marble slab designated for the purpose. A different grave must be used for each cycle.

No fewer than four assigned gravediggers are to reside outside SCP-001 at any given time. All gravediggers must be physically suitable for hard labour with no underlying health conditions, and otherwise meet Foundation standards for Level One personnel.
No terminations are permitted within SCP-001 for any reason.

Special Task Force Alpha-Zero ("Dead Right Hand") is to be housed outside of SCP-001 and fully prepared for a Grave Robber Event at all times. At all other times, STF Alpha-Zero members are to patrol SCP-001 and limit access to authorized personnel, with specialization in repelling Occult Thaumaturges and sects of the Serpent's Hand.

The Administrator is permitted unfettered access to SCP-001, and any flowers or other grave goods he leaves are to be left untouched.

Description: SCP-001 is a cemetery built on a nexus point of seven geothaumic currents1, which it uses to manipulate quantum probability on a global scale. This prevents the Earth from entering an Eigenstate incompatible with the continued survival and success of the Foundation, and by extension most of modern civilization. The consequence of this is the greatly reduced probability of global catastrophe from both anomalous and mundane sources, at the cost of a globally weakened Hume field2 and an increased likelihood of improbable events, especially within other geothaumic nexuses.

There are 47493 gravestones of varying design and complexity within SCP-001, arranged in a complex spoke and wheel pattern around a central mausoleum. Both the tombstones and the mausoleum are made from marble, and are inscribed with runes of unknown meaning.

SCP-001-A is a mute human male approximately two meters in height with a soft grey pallor to its skin, long grey hair and heavy stubble, typically dressed in a grey scarf and coat regardless of climate. Though it appears roughly 70 years old, it has not been observed to age.  SCP-001-A does not know any form of sign language, but can understand spoken English and will typically communicate with simple gestures. It has, however, demonstrated the ability to write when required.

Medical examination has revealed that SCP-001-A has no pulse, but is otherwise in reasonable health.

SCP-001-A has resided within SCP-001 since before its discovery and generally functions as a grave keeper, performing any mundane or anomalous maintenance and repairs it deems necessary. It refuses, however, to dig fresh graves, instead insisting that this be performed by Foundation personnel. It has indicated that the daily digging of a grave by the Foundation is a ritual necessary for SCP-001's continued functionality, and that SCP-001-A ensures that the ritual is completed correctly.

Each night, between the local hours of 03:00 and 04:00, a human cadaver will manifest within the mausoleum of SCP-001, designated SCP-001-1. To date, each cadaver has always been a physically mature adult between 40 kg and 140 kg in weight and 150 cm to 200 cm in height. Otherwise, humans of all genders, ages, ethnic groups and medical conditions have been represented in SCP-001-1 manifestations.

Most cadavers will possess some form of Foundation issue identification, yet none have ever been successfully identified as Foundation personnel or any actual known individual.

SCP-001-A will remove the cadaver and place it within the most recently dug grave and bury it with a mixture of woodchips4, and a silver coin of unknown origin. After a 13-year period, a grave may be reused. However, it will bear no trace of the former body, including non-biodegradable possessions.

Though SCP-001-A will permit on-site examination of SCP-001-1 instances, it will non-fatally incapacitate any personnel attempting to remove them beyond the boundaries of SCP-001. The events of Grave Robber Event-1982 (see below) have indicated that the effects of even a single SCP-001-1 instance being removed from SCP-001 could result in a potential K-class scenario. The O5 Council has forbidden any testing that would involve removing any dead bodies from SCP-001.

Failure to bury an instance of SCP-001-1 before the next manifestation, exhuming a grave prematurely5, or a human person dying within SCP-001 will trigger a Grave Robber Event.
At the onset of a Grave Robber Event, a multitude of humanoid entities will manifest at various points in SCP-001, henceforth designated SCP-001-B. These entities are typically equipped with shovels and are attired in long leather coats, boots, and headwear. What skin is visible appears saggy and grey, hands and feet possess only three digits, and in place of a face is a single orifice opening to an anomalously deep cranial cavity. During Grave Robber Events, SCP-001-A will attempt to secure any vulnerable SCP-001-1 instances within the mausoleum.
SCP-001-B 's primary goal appears to be recovering any exposed SCP-001-1 instances, as well as exhuming still-buried bodies. They will also attempt to terminate any humans present within SCP-001 when possible in order to manifest more SCP-001-B entities and prolong the Grave Robber Event. They are also extremely proficient at using their shovels for defensive purposes against STF Alpha-Zero.

Due to an apparent lack of blood and internal organs, firearms are ineffective against SCP-001-B. STF Alpha-Zero therefore favours dismemberment via the use of machetes and war axes. Explosive devices work as well, but have an unacceptably high risk of collateral damage to SCP-001 itself.

Grave Robber Events are not considered concluded until all SCP-001-B instances are incapacitated. This typically requires thorough dismemberment of all SCP-001-B entities, but on occasion, some will demanifest on their own in an apparent retreat. SCP-001-A will dispose of SCP-001-B remains via cremation, but will not object to the Foundation taking SCP-001-B bodies for study or interrogation.

 Interview SCP-001-B/01:

Addendum: Multiple Persons of Interests and Groups of Interests with knowledge of geothaumic currents and nexuses are aware of the location and thaumatological significance of SCP-001, though it is believed that only the Global Occult Coalition is aware of its exact purpose. The GOC has agreed to allow the Foundation to maintain control over SCP-001, on the condition that they be allowed to regularly audit the security of SCP-001 to determine that it's up to the Coalition's current standards. In exchange, they have provided STF Alpha-Zero with occult weapons, tactics and fortifications, as well as intelligence on GoI-019 "Serpents Hand".

Though Occultists attempting to gain entry to SCP-001, forcefully or otherwise, is a common occurrence, the only successful breaches have been by sects of GoI-019. Their most commonly cited motivation is to liberate such a powerful nexus from the control of the Foundation and return it to the anomalous community, though it is also common for them to simply attempt to conduct rituals within SCP-001. The largest ever such raid was on April 19th, 1982, a few months after the Foundation's failed invasion of the Wanderer's Libary, believed to have been motivated by vengeance for the attempt and emboldened at the Foundation's failure.    
This consequently resulted in Grave Robbing Event-1982, the largest such event to date, with massive casualties for both STF Alpha-Zero and the Serpent's Hand. GRE-1982 is the only known containment breach of SCP-001, with one SCP-001-1 being successfully stolen by SCP-001-B.

For a brief but indeterminate amount of time, it is believed that the Earth existed in a superposition of approximately 20 000 mutually exclusive but equally probable Eigenstates, caused by an equal number of retrocausal ontological shifts. Without a way to collapse back into a single Eigenstate, the total ontological failure of Earth is considered the most likely outcome of such a scenario.
This was averted in GRE-1982 by an unknown party, possibly SCP-001-A, replacing the stolen corpse with another body and enabling SCP-001 to return the Earth to a single Eigenstate. Scans using ground penetrating radar have shown that the body is attired in STF Alpha-Zero combat gear, though no members of STF Alpha-Zero were unaccounted for after the event.
Scans have also indicated that the individual was most likely buried alive.

Following GRE-1982, raids by GoI-019 were much smaller and more infrequent, likely due to a desire to avoid a global ontological collapse.

Unknown PoI Encounter: On the evening of October 14th, 2009, a single female figure was seen standing by a grave. She vanished before she could be apprehended, but left a bouquet of flowers and the following note:

I can't be certain, but I think this was my mother.
Please pass this information on to Dr. Charles Gears. I don't honestly believe he cares anymore, but I still think he should know.

~ L.S.

Discovery: SCP-001 was discovered on November 7th, 1942. The following is a transcript of a magnetic wire recording of a conversation between the Administrator and then O5-1, having met in SCP-001 to discuss recent personnel issues.