Item #: SCP-4151

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4151 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-██. The containment cell is to be sprayed with a salt water every 3 hours to prevent SCP-4151-2 from spreading. SCP-4151's containment cell is to be opened for testing only. No more than three may enter SCP-4151's containment cell at a time to prevent SCP-4151-2 from spreading. SCP-4151's containment cell is to be monitored at all times via a live feed.

Description: SCP-4151 is a humanoid creature standing at 177cm tall with a lattice-like pattern on it's skin and clothes. SCP-4151's face has no features. SCP-4151's origin is unknown. SCP-4151's body has been observed to be completely malleable and seemingly lack a bone structure. SCP-4151 is unharmed by bullets, cuts, fire, acidic substances, blunt force trauma, and any sort of suffocation. SCP-4151 is not aggressive towards people or other SCPs.

Anything touched by SCP-4151 will be turned into SCP-4151-2. SCP-4151-2 is a fleshy material with the same lattice pattern that SCP-4151 has. SCP-4151 can deform SCP-4151-2 in any way. SCP-4151-2 can be deformed by people and other SCPs as well but to do this takes much more strength and effort and would cause the person, animal, or SCP to become SCP-4151-3. Anything touched by SCP-4151-2 will also become SCP-4151-2.

Any person, animal, or SCP that touches SCP-4151 or SCP-4151-2 will have the lattice pattern slowly appear on their skin and clothes, which then have the same properties as SCP-4151-2, these subjects will be referred to as SCP-4151-3. Entities being turned into SCP-4151-3 have been observed to be in extreme pain and will die after they are turned completely into SCP-4151-3. Any object that touches SCP-4151-3 will turn into SCP-4151-2 and any person, animal, or SCP that touches SCP-4151-3 will turn into SCP-4151-3. SCP-4151, SCP-4151-2, and SCP-4151-3 when photographed lose all lattice-like patterns and SCP-4151 gains facial features in the photo taken, this does not apply to live feeds but does apply to any photos taken of the live feed.

There have been 4 recorded methods to cure SCP-4151-3, SCP-500, SCP-427, SCP-590, and SCP-006, further tests will be done to find more cures. Tests with SCP-1300 have been done but SCP-1300 doesn't detect any problems and doesn't perform any operation.