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"SCP-4270-QI-08 - Ritual Successful. Text censored as per containment procedures.

Special Containment Procedures: All documents relating to SCP-4270 must be kept on remote file server, only accessible by level-3 personnel and above. Site-43 Webcrawler AI "KOVO" has been tasked with identifying any signs of SCP-4270 in public, private, and historical databases.

SCP-4270 should only be performed by personnel who have undergone training up to KN-401, and with express permission from the current project director. Unauthorized or frivolous use of SCP-4270 is strictly forbidden. Use of SCP-4270 for intra and extra-solar exploration is currently under consideration. Following the loss of LTF-Alpha-7, testing of SCP-4270 has been suspended.

Description: SCP-4270 is a kinetoglyphic ritual that, when properly performed, allows three individuals to create a collective astral consciousness. This projection, once fully formed, assumes a magnetic polarity directly opposite to the planet earth, and is violently ejected into outer space.

This expulsion effect cannot be oriented or aimed, serving only as a straight-line “slingshot” effect. Precision, speed, and accuracy of the ritual appears to dictate total expulsion force. Subsequent integrity of the astral form is sustained through repeated accuracy of Kine 43, along with the mental, physical, and emotional "harmony" between all three participants. Due to the sheer number of variables involved in the execution of SCP-4270, modern orbital mechanics are only partially helpful in determining the eventual destination of an astral consciousness.

The current record for intensity and duration of SCP-4270 is held by LTF-Alpha-7 “Skywalkers”, at an expulsion of 34,000 Kmph, reaching the outer limits of the Kepler Belt before safely terminating.

Addendum: On ██/██/20██, LTF-Alpha-7 conducted an unauthorized, off-site instance of SCP-4270, resulting in the loss of all squad members. (see section "SCP-4270 Cessation Methods" for more details).

UPDATE: ██/██/20██