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Item #: SCP-4955

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4955 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment chamber outfitted with -9.4 dBA soundproofing. Direct physical or verbal contact with SCP-4955 is expressly forbidden. Communication with SCP-4955 can only be performed through a two-stage digital recompilation AI, and should be limited outside of testing. Assigned staff are required to undergo ANPSY-301 or higher before communciating with SCP-4955, as they are considered extremely psycologically manipulative; ongoing diagnosis has identified both sociopathic and psycopathic tendancies, along with egomania and megalomania.

Based on their continued compliance, SCP-4955 may be given any provisions, furniture, or non-networked entertainment they request.

Description: SCP-4955 is a 38 year old white male, born in Iron counties, Utah, U.S.A., name unknown. SCP-4955 suffers from a unique host of ailments, including Hypoproteinemia1, Porphyria2, and a unique strain of Kuru3. SCP-4955 is capable of reversing the symptoms of their many diseases, and even enhance their overall faculties through an anomalous form of cannibalism.

SCP-4955-1: Through the ingestion of human tissue, SCP-4955 can supplement their own immune system and muscle fiber strength to super-human levels.

SCP-4955-2:can supplement their own mental acuteness, and re-build damaged neurons by "ingesting" abstract concepts associated with an individual.

While both SCP-4955-1 and SCP-4955-2 cannot be medically explained, the effects of the former can be documented with relative ease. A full explanation of SCP-4955-2 requires more in depth analysis.

SCP-4955-2 may be achieved through physical contact, verbal communication, or sustained eye contact. SCP-4955 can ingest memories, personality traits, skills, and

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