Limen: Case 298002-AE, Breach of Containment Protocol for SCP-4229. All presiding members of the panel, please state your credentials, and name for the record.

Rockefeller: Site-18 Director, Daniel Rockefeller.

05-4: Overseer 4, Name Classified.

05-11: Overseer 11, Name Classified.

Reece: Ethics Committee Chairman, Norman Reece.

Limen: Enforcement and Administration Director, Karen Limen.

Thornborrow: … Oh, what, me now? Uh, Director of Site 4229-A, Amelia Thornborrow.

Limen: All parties present and accounted. We may now begin this formal hearing. On-

Thornborrow: Wait, “formal hearing”? Really? Not “crucible”? Not even “tribunal”? This is the first time I’ve ever really been raked over the coals in front of actual Council members; I was expecting all this to be more… I don’t know, sinister?

05-4: Sorry to disappoint.

Limen: Director Thornborrow, you are being accused of willingly, and with malice of forethought, breaking the established containment procedures of SCP-4229. Would you say this is accurate?

Thornborrow: Is 173 a chiropractor?

Limon: …Ms. Thornborrow, your attempts at-

Thornborrow: Yes. I broke protocol. Is all this really necessary? I can see the papers on your desk from here. It’s all very damning. There’s the-

Limon: Ms. Thornbo-

Thornborrow: -ncrypted emails I sent… oh, you’ve even dredged up all my proposals! So you DID get those. After eight years, I figured you just took everything I sent, hit it with a big red ‘REJECTED’ stamp, and sent it back.

Limon: The purpose of this hearing isn’t to simply condemn you, Ms. Thornborrow. This is intended to be an opportunity for you to dispute the charges, or defend your position.

Thornborrow: …Is that so? Well goodie; here’s my defense then: what the hell has happened to the Foundation?

Rockafeller: Excuse me?

Thornborrow: You heard me. When did we stop innovating? Are we even scientists anymore? How many years has it been since we re-built 106’s cage with better materials, or new suppression techniques? Has ANY new Hume research been done since the days of Scranton? My god, we still send scientists, trained scientists, out to kennels because we can’t figure out a better way to keep 953 at bay other than “dogs”.

05-4: So you consider what you did an “innovation”? May I remind you, three people died in DN-4229-41.

Thornborrow: We were losing people every year, Overseer. Check the emails, this was Morgan's idea. She knew what would happen, but hell, she had a 21% percent chance of dying every month! Twenty. One. Percent. I regret what happened to Horowitz and Masters, I really, do, but the whole Foundation, the whole world is safer now.

Rockafeller: SCP-4229 hadn’t threatened any major population centers in decades. We had containment.

Thornborrow: At an unacceptable cost!

Rockafeller: It was working-

Thornborrow: It was a stopcap. God, when did “good” suddenly become “good enough” around here!? A destructive, life-threatening entity is now fully contained! Isn't that our fucking job!?

All members of the panel remain silent for several seconds. 05-11 leans forward in her chair.

05-11: Alright. Take us through it.

Thornborrow: … What?

05-11: As you pointed out, this isn’t a “crucible” or a “tribunal”, and I assure you, we are still scientists. So, let’s discuss your methodology.

Thornborrow: … Alright- Alright fine. We have mountains of data into SCP-4229; there isn’t much else to do between “offerings” except research. All of it, ALL OF IT pointed one way: more food means less attacks. The Pal’oto even made a direct records of this-

Rockafeller: The “pork song”.

Thornborrow: Yes the fucking pork song! Read between the damn lines! They realized if they offered 4229 more pig, more sugar, and more fat that next month it’d was less motivated to attack them! They contained 4229 better than we ever had!

05-4: Before they were wiped out, of course.

Thornborrow: W- okay, fine, yes, but they weren’t US. None of the ancient cultures who encountered SCP-4229 had a fraction of the resources or technology we have, but they paved the way for our research! It was clear that a high dose of calorie-dense, unhealthy food would disable SCP-4229 permanently!

05-11: Potentially.

Thornborrow: Wh- it’s working! It's contained!

05-11: Yes, and we’re all very glad of that, but It doesn’t diminish the risk you took. The higher intake of food also vastly increased 4229’s total mass. What if we’d simply made it stronger? Hungrier? Angrier? All of your evidence was predicated on a broken telephone of songs and stories from long-dead cultures.

Thornborrow: Pardon me, Overseer, but so are half our current containment methods. The difference is, I decided to stop living in the stone age, and actually use our modern advancements to save lives.

Limen: I think that will do. The accused has already admitted to their wrongdoing, and does not appear to have any justifications-

Thornborrow: Oh go FUCK yourself I don’t-

Limen: Protocol-based justifications for their actions. I call for a-

05-4: One last thing, Director. Kevin Emerson. During our interviews, he seemed genuinely convinced that his actions were merely an act of “boredom”; yet he is included in all your emails on this “Project Washout”.

Thornborrow: …He’s a really good actor?

05-4: Director, we know about the missing amnestics.

Thornborrow remains silent.

05-4: Someone at Site-14, someone with 04 level clearance, must have been in on this project of yours. We would ask you reveal who they are.

Thornborrow: Oh, well, I confess then: it was Dr. Houdini. He got help from Researchers Bonnie and Clyde.

05-4: … We do possess methods to force this information from you, Amelia.

Dr. Thornborrow leans back in her chair, folding her hands

Thornborrow: Ah, see, now that’s the “sinister” I was expecting. Sorry, Overseer, but check my neck; I'm part of the forget-me-so crew. I can tell you there was an accomplice at site-14, but I couldn't tell you their name if I wanted to.
05-4: … Very well. That inquiry will proceed at a later date. Shall we vote?

Four votes are tallied “Guilty”, one abstaining.

Limen: Er- Carried. Ms. Thornborrow, you are found in contempt of Foundation rules of conduct, breaking established protocols, and risking the lives of foundation personnel and the general population. Do you have anything else to say?

Thornborrow: … Since I was assigned to 4229, we lost 18 people; good people, friends. If you’re going to “terminate” me, just pitch me into the volcano. Let that monster choke on my ass.

Limen: … Thank you, Ms. Thornborrow. These men will escort you back to your room until an appropriate disciplinary action is determined. Case dismissed.

Ms. Thornborrow is lead out of the council chamber, and all other panel members exit. All but 05-11, and Norman Reece remain, gathering up their papers.

05-11: I’m surprised at you Norman.

Reece: Hm?

05-11: You’re usually so vocal during these things. I thought, given the apparent “harm” caused to 4229, you’d have at least something to say; and the way you voted-

Reece: Really, [REDACTED], I don’t know where everyone gets this notion that the Ethics Committee are a bunch of bleeding hearts. She was wrong to break protocol, but I don’t disagree with her methods. 4229 is a threat to human life. I’ve not qualms about giving the thing an eating disorder.

End recording.