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SCP-4309. Image taken on 02/03/2010, pre-anomalous manifestation.

Item #: SCP-4309

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4309 will remain with a Safe-Class object locker at site 48. An opaque sheet should remain wrapped around SCP-4309 at all times. Observation of SCP-4309 outside of testing is forbidden.

Description: SCP-4309 is a vintage A-frame chalkboard or "sandwich board", first assembled in 1971 in Puebla City, Mexico. Originally owned by the Morietta family, SCP-4309 was brought to Portland, California, and used until 2011 at their family restaurant.

At any time between 1:00PM – 5:30PM PST, 1-7 black pin-points will appear across SCP-4309's front-facing surface. Within 30 minutes, colorful chalk-like patterns will form, spiraling outwards from these points. This effect is pure perceptual; spectrographic and chemical analysis has revealed no actual mineral residue present on the board, and efforts to remove these patterns with water, or friction have no effect. Patterns will vanish between 12:30AM - 2:00AM PST the next day, visually resembling liquid being pulled down a drain. Non-anomalous substances present on SCP-4309 will instantly disappear in similar fashion, with the exception of artistic work, which has a 30-45% chance of being incorporated into daily manifestations.

Patterns consist of three portions, hereafter known as 4309-A “Specials”, 4309-B “Slogans”, and 4309-C “Doodles”.

  • 4309-A consist of eye-catching wordplay in large, stylized font, titling any nearby cuisine or foodstuff, seemingly chosen at random. See Addendum 4309-1
  • 4309-B, written somewhere below the "Specials" in a smaller font, will add additional details on meal composition, typically advertising its palatability.
  • 4309-C consist of eclectic chalk drawings, decorating the outer boarder of 4309-A and B. These can include portraits, landscapes, stencils, and intricate, free-form swathes of patterned color. 4309-C will always relate to the content of 4309-A and B, but to varying degrees.

Acquisition history: In 2009, Dylan Lavigne, a local artist, was hired on as waitstaff at the “Rose Garden” in Oakland, California. Mr. Lavigne developed a small social-media following within Oakland for his creative wordplay and chalkboard illustrations during his two-year employment. The composition, and typography of these work are identical to SCP-4309’s current anomalous manifestations.

Between 2009 and 2011, Mr. Lavigne entered into a romantic relationship with Daniella Morietta, wife of the restaurant’s owner, Antoni Morietta. Mr. Morietta became aware of this affair sometime after, likely after discovering the scores of drawings, paintings, and electronic messages between the two parties. On the night of August 11th, 2011, Mr. Morietta murdered both his wife, and Mr. Lavigne, using a large quantity of hemlock extract in their late-evening meal.

SCP-4309 manifested its anomalous properties the next day, resulting in Mr. Morietta’s arrest. All individuals who viewed this manifestation have since been amnestisized, and all social media posts related to its content expunged, disavowed as a hoax. SCP-4309’s first message was as follows:

4309-A “Hemlock Halibut"
4309-B "A taste to die for, just ask the staff! Yell very loud, there's a lot of dirt in the way!"
4309-C Stylized, Mexican-inspired “day of the dead” illustrations. Two skeleton upper-bodies, cut-off by the left and right edges of the board respectively, reaching across to each other and intertwining fingers between the “Specials” and “Slogan” sections. Brightly colored flowers and vines decorate the outer boarder.

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