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Item #: SCP-4991

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The construction trailer containing SCP-4991 has been re-located to an Safe-class storage unit at Site-53. No future testing has been scheduled.

Description: SCP-4991 is a porcelain coffee cup, printed with "01-587-0560" in orange, and "TOTAL POWER TOOLS" in black, separated by an angled orange stripe. The bottom of SCP-4991 has been broken. An off-yellow residue covers most of the cup, but due to SCP-4991's anomalous nature, determining this residue's exact composition is impossible; multiple researchers have confirmed it smells like minestrone soup.

SCP-4991 cannot be physically interacted with. Once a person has made any conscious decision about SCP-4991, all resultant actions towards it will fail through human error. Repeated attempts to interact with SCP-4991 will result in heightened levels of stress, and cause directionless outbursts.

SCP-4991 was discovered after the accidental suicide of Mr. Henry Weissmuller, former owner of the "Total Power Tools" company.

EDIT: Re-write the story. Emphasize the "one little mistake ruining everything" sort of feeling. Get more personal with the diary.

Discussion Comments:

"What happened to Site-13?"

"A wide-scale containment breach of multiple godlike entities, caused by a complex, global paradigm shift that culminated in a trans-dimensional displacement."

"What happened to Site-31?

"Someone broke a mug."

A storm in a teacup - A disproportionate reaction of anger, concern, or displeasure over some minor or trivial matter. Also known as a "tempest in a teapot"

I came upon this idiom while researching for another article, having never heard it before. I'm not sure how many other people experience this, but sometimes, after a minor inconvenience, I become preoccupied, and the next task I attempt also becomes botched. Until I stop, take a breath, and steady myself, I well just fumble any minor task and grow progressively more irritated.

Not unexpectedly, I thought "What if that was an SCP?"