A Hole
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A digital re-creation of SCP-6928. In certain cases, re-creations of SCP-6928 that are completely accurate to its appearance retain its cognitohazardous properties; to avoid this, certain details have been omitted.

Item: SCP-6928

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6928 is kept in a protective sleeve and stored within a standard Anomalous Object Storage Locker in Site-19. Personnel assigned to handling SCP-6928 must have a CRV1 of 30 or above, and must be briefed on the handling of irregular cognitohazardous anomalies prior to the beginning of their assignment.

Description: SCP-6928 is a pen-and-ink drawing of a smiling middle-aged man on a sheet of paper 20 centimeters wide by 27 centimeters long. The man's torso is drawn within a black circle 17 centimeters in diameter, with the top of his head protruding from the top of the circle. The man is dressed in a suit and wears a cravat, and wears a carnation on the left side of his breast. He is invariably seen from the front, and points at the viewer.

SCP-6928's cognitohazardous properties are as follows: upon viewing the object, subjects begin to exhibit an obsessive curiosity with the space beyond the man portrayed in the drawing. Affected persons believe the negative space within the circle to be a hole, and believe the man to be an obstruction to the exploration of this space. 89% of tests were cut short due to a risk of test subjects damaging the object.

The cognitohazardous effect of SCP-6928 persists after initial exposure, no matter how long a subject is exposed. 95% of subjects become single-mindedly obsessed with SCP-6928's negative space, speculating on the nature of the space and what is within and resenting the man in the drawing for obstructing their access to it. 80% of subjects begin to draw re-creations of SCP-6928 with the intention of accessing the space.

Addendum: Test Logs