Special Containment Procedures: Due to its immovable nature, the space surrounding SCP-TAFT has been enclosed with chain-link fencing. The road upon which SCP-TAFT is present has been closed to the public.

Due to its proximity to Site-75 (5 minutes by car), construction of a site dedicated to study of SCP-TAFT is unnecessary.

Description: SCP-TAFT is a Class-C "Broken Entry" wormhole contained within a pothole in an unnamed road south of Raymond, Alberta, Canada. The wormhole acts as an entrance to an alternate reality, hereby designated SCP-TAFT-1.

The opposite end of SCP-TAFT is positioned in what appears to be an alternate version of early 20th century North America within SCP-TAFT. The opposite end of the wormhole is positioned 7.5 meters above the ground and is in close proximity to Petersburg, Virginia. Several more wormholes are hypothesized to exist within SCP-TAFT-1, implied by the encounter of several members of a Foundation-anologous organization believed to be native to another alternate reality1 during preliminary exploration.

The northwest portion of the United States within SCP-TAFT-1 is covered in a large2 mass of amorphous flesh (designated SCP-TAFT-2). Samples of this mass are genetically identical to human biological material.

Unmanned drone exploration of SCP-TAFT has found the origin of SCP-TAFT-2 to be an upwelling above Washington, D.C. By digging into the flesh, Foundation agents were able to uncover a Class-C wormhole similar to SCP-TAFT (designated SCP-TAFT-3) within the floor of the White House. This wormhole extrudes approximately 1,000 kiloliters of human flesh every day at 9 PM, Eastern Standard Time.