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O5 clearance or eschatological department clearance required etc. etc. I only care about writing this out right now we can worry about CSS and gimmicks and tricks later

5/7000 LEVEL 5/7000



Item #: SCP-7000

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-7000 is currently maintained by the Eschatological Preparedness Division of the Foundation's Environmental Preservation Department. All unique findings made by the SCP-7000 project team relating to the prevention, mitigation and reversal of severe-to-apocalyptic anomalous events are to be relayed to the Ethics Committee and Overseer Council for review and potential incorporation into Foundation policy and eschatological protocol.

The following section of the document is to be used internally by the Eschatological Division's SCP-7000 project team.

Maintenance Procedures:

SCP-7000 is to be kept suspended in its specifically-designed harness, which maintains its atmosphere, tides and day-night cycle. Its oxygen level, average internal temperature and sea level are to be evaluated every six months; any deviations from safe levels are to be recorded and corrected manually.

SCP-7000's containment chamber

The strength of SCP-7000's internal SCP Foundation analogue (hereby referred to as "Foundation-7000") is to be maintained externally as much as possible. Seventy Foundation employees and D-Class personnel have been planted in Foundation-7000 for the purposes of monitoring Foundation and civilian affairs and relaying their findings to the Foundation proper; Foundation-7000's Overseer Council and Administrator were manually created and planted in Foundation-7000 upon the activation of SCP-7000 and possess full knowledge of the Foundation's affairs and the purpose of SCP-7000.

SCP-7000's ecosystem is self-sustaining, but Foundation-7000 divisions have been tasked with working closely with environmental conservation agencies and funding government efforts to curb pollution, deforestation and climate change to ensure that the equilibrium remains at a controlled level. Any environmental destruction carried out as part of an experiment is to be reversed at the experiment's conclusion.

As per the Ethics Committee's guidelines pertaining to the treatment of residents of SCP-7000, unnecessary loss of human life and suppression of free thought and expression are to be avoided as much as possible. Though identical political and social environments are necessary to ensure the accuracy of eschatological testing, Foundation-7000 has devised several workarounds with the guidance of their Overseer Council and implanted Foundation personnel:

  • Any ongoing wars with major effects on the public psyche are to be reported on as if they are actually occurring; Foundation-7000 Project TALKBOX, a media control initiative, is to work in tandem with Foundation-trained film studios and actors to provide war footage and personnel interviews on all sides of any given conflict. Military recruits are to be conscripted into Foundation-7000 as D-Class personnel, or, in special circumstances, mobile task force operatives and field agents, and the areas surrounding purported battlefields are to be made off-limits to civilians.
  • Similarly, Project TALKBOX is to inflate and propagate narratives alleging levels of violent crime congruent with those of the countries in SCP-7000's real-life analogues.
  • No human residents of SCP-7000 are to be killed permanently by the Foundation for any reason. All deaths that occur within are tracked and catalogued by Foundation-7000, the Ethics Committee and the Eschatological Preparedness Division.

Upon the conclusion of eschatological tests, amnestics are to be administered to survivors. Current protocol for reversing casualties consists of surviving Foundation-7000 Eschatological Preparedness Division personnel activating an experimental facility in SCP-7000's Southwestern United States devised for the quick re-creation of human tissue and the implantation of false memories based on a database of the genomes and pre-eschaton experiences of all residents of SCP-7000. Terrain reconstruction and the rebuilding of major population centers and landmarks is to be carried out manually.


SCP-7000 is a functional replica of the planet Earth developed by the Eschatological Preparedness Division of the Foundation's Department of Environmental Preservation from 1982 to 1998 for the express purpose of testing the Foundation's, other anomalous organizations', and world governments' capacity to prevent and mitigate world-ending anomalous events and natural disasters with maximum accuracy. It is 1.89 meters in diameter and weighs 8,276 kilograms.

Addendum 7000-1 — History

The SCP-7000 project was first proposed in 1960 by then-Director of Site-57 Alden G. Matthews in response to growing fears of nuclear proliferation and the escalating arms race between the United States and the Soviet Union. With approval and allocation of funding from the Overseer Council and the Global Occult Coalition, Matthews founded the Eschatological Preparedness Division in 1965 and became the head of the burgeoning SCP-7000 project in the same year.

Initial proposals to create an accurate physical simulation of Earth only involved creating 1/3200 scale replicas of potential nuclear targets in the United States of America and Europe populated with sapient homunculi created with Sarkic carnomancy; due to the cost of the resources required to repeatedly destroy and re-create such models, these proposals were rejected. Upon the acquisition of SCP-007 in 1979 and the development of rudimentary nanotechnology in 1981, however, the goal of the SCP-7000 project was changed: with the resources available, Director Matthews' stated goal became the complete simulation of Earth, the societies and organizations therein, and their reactions to potentially world-ending anomalous phenomena. This proposal was unanimously approved by the O5 council, and work on the project began in 1982.

To create SCP-7000, SCP-007 was carefully studied. The circumstances that allowed it to maintain its atmosphere, gravity, and tides were recorded and replicated in a laboratory environment, and the anomaly was extracted from its host and transplanted into its Foundation-built harness to facilitate easier observation of the human-like and other organisms living on its surface. The SCP-7000 team's initial difficulty in the creation of appropriately-sized humanoids was greatly ameliorated by the acquisition of SCP-5355 in 1998, further research as to how it functioned, and replication of this effect at an industrial scale. SCP-5355-ALPHA, as the warehouse-sized recreation of SCP-5355 was designated, was used to grow SCP-7000 to a larger, more manageable size and shrink several hundred thousand D-Class personnel and sapient homunculi to a size in which they could populate the surface of SCP-7000.

Current containment procedures for SCP-7000 were devised upon its initial activation on July 17, 1998.


- Alden Graham Matthews, Director of the Eschatological Preparedness Division of the Foundation

On March 6, 2001, Director Matthews was found dead in his home on the grounds of Site-57. He was eighty-one years old.

Addendum 7000-2 — Timeline of Notable Events — Updated Automatically

May 17, 2001: Implantation of baseline Foundation personnel into SCP-7000

A total of seventy baseline Foundation personnel were implanted in SCP-7000 upon the clearance of the anomaly for testing. Of these, four are especially notable:


Director Oda.

Biography: Dr. Mamoru Oda (b. 1954 in Osaka, Japan) first came to the Foundation's attention as a student at the University of Tokyo, where he received doctorates in 1976 and 1984 in genomics and theology. Many of his essays — including his doctoral dissertation on the possible applications of the mapping of the human genome and his documentation of the miracles of Japan's "Hidden Christians" — were flagged as noteworthy by implanted Foundation employment scouts. Oda was invited to interview for a position in the Foundation in 1984, and was formally hired in 1985.

At the Foundation, Oda quickly became known for his high work output, efficiency in organizing tests and experiments, and prowess in devising containment procedures. He rapidly rose in rank before becoming the director of Site-67 in 1990 — the quickest a Foundation employee had ever been promoted to that position.

Oda was randomly selected for service on SCP-7000, and chose to retire from his position as Site Director to manage Foundation-7000's Japanese Branch and its branch of the Eschatological Preparedness Division.

Due to the status of these personnel and the deviation of their experiences from the norm, the bulk of the logs in this section of the document will focus on them.

Log Type: Video, compiled from footage from personnel body cameras

Personnel Involved: Agent Carla B. Nielssen, Researcher Evelyn R. Barton, Researcher Marina M. Rubinstein

Location: Site-7000; Three Portlands, United States of America, SCP-7000

Date & Time: May 17, 2001 at 2:03 PM

Begin Log

Nielssen: …been briefed. Nothing out of the ordinary to report since then.

Barton: Good. Good, good. Suppose I was being a bit, ah, overly cautious.

Rubinstein: Better than the alternative.

(Agent Nielssen stands in front of SCP-7000 within a SACP. Researchers Barton and Rubinstein are situated before a panel of instruments directly in front of her, wearing hazmat suits. Nielssen turns around to survey SCP-7000.)

Nielssen: This is unbelievable. I can't- I know I've seen it before, but…

Rubinstein: Yes, yes, it's really quite something. You'll get used to it.

Barton: Wait 'til you see the inside. Inside?

Rubinstein: No better word for it. (She turns away from Barton and presses a button, and a light within the SACP begins to flash.) Body and clothing are sterile. There's a probiotic supplement in your fanny pack — down that as soon as you can once you've been shrunk down. Call us after that. Process should take about two minutes.

Barton: Keep your eyes closed.

Nielssen: Why?

Barton: Minimizes any psychological damage. All of our test subjects had panic attacks when they went down with their eyes open.

Nielssen: I-

Rubinstein: Cleared for conveyance. Beginning process… now. Agent Nielssen, good luck.

Barton: Have a nice trip. Don't forget to write.

Nielssen: Ha. Thank you, I wi-

(Rubinstein pulls a lever, and Agent Nielssen is cut off as a bright white light fills the SACP. After one minute, a small beam of white light shoots from the top of the SACP to a point in SCP-7000's Northwestern United States.)

Rubinstein: Three down.

Barton: Sixty-nine more to go. Should I bring in the next one?

Rubinstein: Not yet. Wait for a call.

(Agent Nielssen's body camera shows a solid green light. When it dissipates, Nielssen is on a rural road within SCP-7000. Nielssen reels, nearly falls over, then leans forward and retches. She is hyperventilating.)

Nielssen: G- Gh- Supplement. Gotta take the-

(Nielssen reaches into her pack to retrieve a vial of thick green liquid. She hesitates momentarily, then unscrews the cap and leans backwards to drink.)

Nielssen: Ugh. Jesus Christ.

(Nielssen puts the vial back in her pack, walks to the side of the road, and sits in the grass. She puts her hand to her ear.)

Nielssen: Barton, Rubinstein — I'm in. I'll, ah, call you back.

(Nielssen collapses backwards, breathing heavily.)

Log Type: Video, compiled from security camera footage and footage from personnel body cameras

Personnel Involved: Mamoru Oda, Evelyn Barton, Marina Rubinstein

Location: Site-7000; Foundation-7000 Site-76, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan, SCP-7000

Date & Time: May 17, 2001 at 2:06 PM

Begin Log

(Rubinstein is bending the stem of a microphone built into the instrument panel in front of SCP-7000. Agent Nielssen's voice can be heard.)

Nielssen: …I'll, ah, call you back.

Rubinstein: Send in Oda.

Barton: Subject oh-oh-three has been conveyed. Subject oh-oh-four may enter the containment chamber.

(Several minutes pass before the containment chamber's airlock opens and Director Oda steps inside.)

Rubinstein: Ah, Director Oda. (In Japanese.) The SACP is ready for you. Be sure to breathe deeply once you're in there, so you can be fully sterilized. Once you're down there, take the probiotic supplement in your pack and call us. The process should take two minutes — be sure to keep your eyes closed.

(Oda bows.)

Oda: All right. Thank you very much.

Barton: (In English) Keep your eyes closed.

Rubinstein: I already told him that.

Oda: (In English) It is fine. Thank you, as well.

(Oda steps into the SACP, looking up at its ceiling as its door slides shut and a white gas begins to fill the chamber. He closes his eyes and breathes deeply.)

Rubinstein: Body and clothing are sterile.

(Rubinstein presses a button, and a green light begins to flash within the SACP. Oda clasps his hands together and mutters a prayer.)

Barton: Clear.

(Rubinstein pulls a lever, and the SACP fills with white light. A minute passes, and a small beam of white light shoots from the top of the SACP to a point in SCP-7000's Southeastern Japan.)

(Security camera footage from Foundation-7000 Japanese Branch Site-01 shows a large group of Foundation-7000 personnel in a courtyard talking amongst themselves. An unknown individual shouts above them. Speech has been approximated from Japanese to English.)

Unknown Foundation-7000 Employee: Stand clear!

(As the personnel clear the center of the courtyard, white light engulfs it in its entirety. As the personnel shout and shield their eyes, Director Oda can be seen slowly being lowered to the ground.)

(The light dissipates, and Oda opens his eyes and looks around. Cheers erupt all around him.)

Unknown Foundation-7000 Employee: Director Oda, welcome!

(Oda reaches into his pack, pulls out his probiotic supplement, and drinks. He absentmindedly hands the empty vial to someone beside him, then continues to look around. His face shows an expression of increasing discomfort.)

Unknown Foundation-7000 Employee: Ah, I should introduce myself. I'm the director of this Site — Mikako Takeda.

(Oda continues to look around, placing a hand on Takeda's shoulder. His breathing quickens.)

Takeda: Director Oda, are you all right?

Unknown Foundation-7000 Employee: Bring him a chair.

Oda: I'm fine. I'm… fine.

(Oda taps his earpiece.)

Oda: I'm here. I made it.

Takeda: He'll be in good hands.

Oda: I…

(Oda shields his face and leans forward as he pushes through the crowd and out of view of the camera. Through his fingers, he can be seen crying. Takeda and the other Foundation-7000 employees in the courtyard become quiet as they watch him leave.)

Takeda: I'll go see if he's all right.

Log Type: Video, compiled from security camera footage and footage from personnel body cameras

Personnel Involved: D-65811 (Trofim Dimitrov), Thomas Said, SCP-5074, Agent Thaddeus C. Walton, Evelyn Barton, Marina Rubinstein

Location: Site-7000; Foundation-7000 Site-143, Schlotheim, Germany, SCP-7000

Date & Time: May 18, 2001 at 5:45 AM

Begin Log

(Researchers Rubinstein and Barton sit in their chairs. Barton is noticeably slouching, while Rubinstein is nodding off.)

Barton: Subject oh-six-seven conveyed. Bring in subjects oh-six-eight, oh-six-nine and oh-seven-oh.

Rubinstein: Finally.

(Security camera footage from a hallway within Site-7000 shows Agent Walton walking behind D-65811, pushing him by the handcuffs. They reach SCP-7000's containment chamber's airlock, in front of which Thomas Said is sleeping in a chair with his head on his fist. SCP-5074 sits at his feet on a blanket, grooming itself. It regards its fingers for a moment, then pulls on Said's shirt. He responds without opening his eyes)

Said: No more worms, 5074. We can't eat anything yet.

(SCP-5074 shakes its head and grunts.)

(Agent Walton unlocks D-65811's handcuffs and pushes him towards Said, who opens his eyes and sits up.)

Walton: Subject oh-six-seven delivered to containment chamber. Mr. Said, here's your new assistant.

D-65811: The pleasure is mine.

(D-65811 extends his hand to Said. He refuses to shake it.)

Said: I wasn't told I'd be getting paired with-

Walton: A Russian?

Said: A D-Class. A criminal. I was told an agent would get assigned to us.

D-65811: I resent that.

Said: I don't care.

(Walton glares at Said.)

Walton: If you have a problem with the nature of your assignment, contact Overseer Command at least two weeks before-

(A tone plays on the PA system, and Researcher Barton's voice is heard.)

Barton: Subject oh-six-seven conveyed. Bring in subjects oh-six-eight, oh-six-nine and oh-seven-oh.

(Walton hands Said a fanny pack and an earpiece, and grins.)

Walton: Cheer up. There might still be time to shoot them a text.

(Said sighs, stands and leads SCP-5074 by the arm into the airlock. D-65811 follows behind him.)

(Said, D-65811 and SCP-5074 enter SCP-7000's containment chamber. The single-person SACP has been replaced with a larger one, and Researchers Barton and Rubinstein are at work at the instrument panel in front of it.)

Rubinstein: One moment.

Barton: Everything's good on my end. I can brief them.

(Barton looks up at Said, D-65811 and SCP-5074, and pauses.)

Barton: Ah. Uh, Marina?

Rubinstein: I've got them.

(Rubinstein turns to the two men and SCP-5074.)

Rubinstein: I assume you've both already been briefed on what to do, but I'll give you a reminder. Once you're inside the SACP, breathe deeply so the disinfectant can circulate. Once you're all fully sterilized, close your eyes — and don't open them until you can feel solid ground again. When you're on the surface of 7000, take the probiotic supplements in your packs and call us.

D-65811: Thank you.

Rubinstein: Don't mention it.

D-65811: Oh, yeah — what about the chimp? Do we have to blindfold him, or-

Rubinstein: He understands.

(Said, not looking at D-65811, leads SCP-5074 into the SACP. D-65811 follows shortly after. The door slides shut, and a cloud of white mist fills its interior.)

Barton: Fully sterilized.

Rubinstein: Beginning final conveyance.

Barton: Thank God.

(SCP-5074 puts its hand in front of its eyes as the interior of the SACP is engulfed in white light. After a minute, a smaller beam of white light shines from the top of the SACP to a point in SCP-7000's Central Europe. Rubinstein and Barton look at each other.)

(Another minute passes. A tone plays on the instrument panel, followed by Said's voice.)

Said: We're here at Site-143.

D-65811: All three of us made it safe.

(A faint hoot is heard.)

(Barton and Rubinstein noticeably relax. Barton sits down heavily in her chair, and Rubinstein collapses backwards against the wall. Both are laughing.)

Rubinstein: Fucking finally.

Barton: Here's to no more fucking conveyances.

Rubinstein: Amen to that. Amen.

(Agent Nielssen walks down the road, periodically looking down at a compass. A car approaches, and she stiffens.)

Unknown: Agent Nielssen!

(Nielssen relaxes and turns around. The car, a Three Portlands police cruiser, slows to a halt beside her, and the driver opens the door.)

Unknown: Good to meet you. I was briefed by the Foundation on your assignment. I'm Hazharam Duar.

(Duar is a light-orange-skinned humanoid with two prominent horns on his upper back, ten sharp barbs lining his knuckles, and two smaller protrusions on his brow. Nielssen gets in the car with him.)

Duar: Three Portlands is 65 miles down the road. It's good I was briefed on where you were, otherwise…

(Nielssen laughs.)

Nielssen: Thank you. Very kind of you to come this far.

Duar: Don't mention it. How long did you have to walk?

Nielssen: Um… not long. Not very long at all. I was airlifted near the spot you picked me up at, actually.

Duar: Good, good. Gotta be secretive, I suppose.

(The two drive in silence for several minutes. Nielssen rifles through her pack, taking inventory.)

Duar: So what're you here for? Heard you were an agent for See No Evil — anything bad going on in Three Ports I should know about?

Nielssen: Oh, no, no. It's just… er…

(Duar looks at Nielssen.)

Duar: Can't say?

(Duar laughs.)

Duar: That's alright. I respect the Foundation when it comes to that sort of thing. If they don't let me know something, there's a good reason for it. I'm sorry to pry.

Nielssen: No, you're fine. You're entirely fine. I can tell you later, when we get there. I'm just… just a bit tired from the trip.

Duar: I can imagine. You must've come a long way. You really look like you've been through it.

(Nielssen laughs.)

Nielssen: You don't know the half of it.

(They both laugh. Duar drives on, and Nielssen falls silent. After ten minutes, she begins to nod off; after twelve, she falls asleep. Duar glances at her, then continues to drive. The two reach Three Portlands without incident.)

(Duar pulls in front of an apartment complex and taps on Nielssen's shoulder. She awakens immediately and sits up.)

Duar: Here's your place. We're in a good neighborhood — very Foundation-friendly — and the police station's nearby, too. Your room's stocked, and if you need anything else you should also find a Foundation-issued prepaid card in there. Here's your key.

Nielssen: Thank you so much.

Duar: Don't mention it. Your assignment starts tomorrow. See you then?

Nielssen: With pleasure.

(Nielssen leaves the car and walks to the sidewalk. Duar waves and pulls out, and Nielssen waves back and watches him go.)

(After a minute, Nielssen turns away and begins to walk to her apartment.)

End Log

(Security camera footage from within Foundation-7000 Site-143 shows Said leading SCP-5074 by the arm down a hallway as D-65811 trails behind them. Site-143 Director Uwe Mueller trails behind him.)

Mueller: Gentlemen-

Said: 5074, drink the supplement. Stop being so difficult.

(SCP-5074 shakes its head and hoots, covering its face with its free hand.)

D-65811: Maybe I could-

Mueller: Gentlemen, please-

(Said stops in the middle of an intersection, holds SCP-5074's head and brings the vial to its lips. SCP-5074 struggles to avoid the vial and feebly swats at Said's hand.)

Said: Drink.

D-65811: I don't think he's going to-

(A researcher nearly collides with Mueller, and his glasses fall to the ground. Mueller bends down to search for them, trips over D-65811's foot, and falls sideways into SCP-5074. Said and D-65811 simultaneously lean over him)

D-65811: Oh, I'm so sorry. Are you all right, sir?

Said: Should've watched where you stood.

(Mueller glares up at the two men. SCP-5074 reaches around him, retrieves his glasses, and places them gently on his face.)

Mueller: As I was saying, gentlemen… Welcome to Site-143. If there will be no further disturbances, I'll escort you to your quarters. You two technically cannot be in this wing.

(Said grasps Mueller's right hand with his left hand, still holding the vial in his right, and pulls him upright. D-65811 steps aside, and the two men and SCP-5074 start to follow Mueller down the hall.)

(D-65811 turns to Said, extends his hand and nods.)

D-65811: Said. Here. Give me that.

Said: What?

D-65811: The smoothie.

Said: Why?

D-65811: I used to take care of my sister's toddlers on the weekend. They were awful little shits, but I always got them to do what I said.

(Said smirks and hands D-65811 the vial.)

Said: Fine. Try it.

(D-65811 looks down at SCP-5074 and snaps his finger to get its attention. SCP-5074 looks back at him.)

D-65811: 5074. See this?

(Oda's body camera footage is blurred, and appears to show the edge of a toilet bowl. He is vomiting.)

Oda: Jesus. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

(Director Takeda's voice is heard.)

Takeda: Director Oda?

Oda: Go away. Get away from me.

Takeda: Director Oda, please cooperate. Tell me what's wrong.

Oda: I- you-

(Oda stands and turns around to face the closed door of the bathroom stall.)

Oda: Something extreme but not too hackneyed or heavy-handed, that clearly conveys Oda's internal conflict.

(Oda stops speaking and falls to the ground completely. His body camera faces the ceiling.)

(A minute passes. Takeda can be seen opening the bathroom door and looking down at Oda in concern, then making a call on her two-way radio. After several more minutes, two medical personnel lift Oda into a gurney, connect him to a heart monitor, and move him to the Site's medical bay.)

Takeda: Signs of a panic attack. Probably a bad reaction to the conveyance. Keep an eye out for when he wakes up.

Unknown: Of course. Thank you, Director.

End Log

December 30, 2001: First eschatological test and subsequent reset

January 6, 2002: Major structural damage and subsequent repair

On January 6, Foundation-7000 research stations reported massive cracks in the surface of Antarctica. The cracks were found by attending baseline researchers to span the entire continent. Upon further inspection, the South Pole of SCP-7000 collapsed inward. This caused considerable tectonic activity, major tsunamis in South America, Africa, Asia and Australia, and the loss of all Foundation-7000 personnel stationed in Antarctica. All affairs on SCP-7000 were halted as baseline researchers worked to reconstruct the continent and repair all other damage; they succeeded after 10 hours of constant work. All humanoid organisms native to SCP-7000 were amnesticized upon completion of the reconstruction.

June 7, 2002: Second eschatological test and subsequent reset

March 4, 2003: Third eschatological test and subsequent reset

June 25, 2005: Accidental introduction of foreign organism into SCP-7000 and subsequent test of Foundation-7000's response to a broken veil scenario

On June 25, a moth somehow nestled itself into a fold of SCP-7000 team researcher Evelyn Barton's sterile hazmat suit and made its way onto the surface of SCP-7000 during a recalibration of SCP-7000's instrument panel. The resulting incident led to the deaths of approximately seven hundred thousand native humanoid entities and an SK-Class "Broken Masquerade" scenario, which was mitigated and addressed internally by Foundation-7000. Relevant documentation is included below.

Log Type: Video, compiled from security camera footage and footage from personnel body cameras

Personnel Involved: Evelyn Barton, Marina Rubinstein

Location: Site-7000

Date & Time: June 25, 2005 at 12:02 PM

Begin Log

(Barton and Rubinstein are seen re-arranging wires from SCP-7000's harness to its instrument panel. Barton gesticulates to Rubinstein as the two converse.)

Barton: …not even a

November 12, 2006: Third eschatological test and subsequent reset

December 19, 2006: First reports of anomalous mass hysteria

In mid-to-late December of 2006, Foundation-7000 agents implanted in several rural areas in SCP-7000's North and South America, Africa, Asia and Australia alerted relevant Sites to a possible anomalous phenomenon: in towns with small populations and areas with low concentrations of people living within, an unknown compulsion caused large amounts of people to lie immobile for long periods of time, not eating, drinking, defecating or urinating. Brain scans of affected individuals showed no signs of coma or brain injury, and breathing and heart rate remained unaltered. However, affected individuals were unable to be resuscitated. As the month went on, the affliction spread rapidly throughout SCP-7000. Relevant documentation is included below.

Log Type: Video, compiled from footage from personnel body cameras

Personnel Involved: D-65811 (Trofim Dimitrov), Thomas Said, SCP-5074

Location: Pequea, Pennsylvania, United States of America, SCP-7000

Date & Time: December 23, 2006 at 6:17 PM

Begin Log

Dimitrov: …think I've heard of it. Got my own ideas.

Said: It's a bit obvious. On the nose.

(Dimitrov laughs)

Dimitrov: Guess we had the same thought. Ah — here's where the chimp told us to go.

Said: Not that he cares much.

(Dimitrov turns his head to look into the car's backseat. SCP-5074 is splayed across all three seats, sleeping. Its eyelids flutter and it puckers its lips, and Dimitrov laughs again.)

Dimitrov: Look at that little freeloader.

(Dimitrov brings the car into a farmhouse's gravel driveway and parks directly in front of its two-car garage. He and Said exit, leaving the front windows halfway open, and walk to the house's front door. Dimitrov trails behind Said as the latter rings the doorbell.)

Said: Hello? Anyone awake in there?

(Said tries the doorknob, and the door swings open. He and Dimitrov recoil.)

Said: Ah.

(A middle-aged male dressed only in an unfastened bathrobe, boxer briefs and slippers lies face-down in the foyer. His eyes are open, but his breathing is faint, barely perceptible. He does not blink. Dimitrov positions himself behind the man and pulls him up by his armpits, then sets him down to sit upright against the wall. The man's eyelids and mouth twitch, but Said and Dimitrov do not seem to notice. Said closes the door behind him.)

Said: Check if anyone else is in here. Take pictures for record-keeping.

(Dimitrov sweeps the house, finding nothing in the ground floor. In the second-floor master bedroom, however, a dog and an elderly woman both lie in bed. Both appear to be affected by the same phenomenon; the dog's eyes are open, but the woman's are closed. Dimitrov silently pads around the room, taking captures on his body camera. He mutters under his breath all the while.)

Dimitrov: Don't mind me. Simply taking a few pictures while you sleep.

(Dimitrov snickers)

Dimitrov: Why am I whispering? Doesn't make a difference either way.

(The old woman's body stiffens. Her face tightens slightly, and her eyelids slowly open. Dimitrov stops moving.)

Dimitrov: I- you- apologies, apologies. This is- hello?

(The old woman lies still. Her face is set in a trembling expression of terror.)

Dimitrov: You can hear me.

(Dimitrov walks to the bed and waves his hand over the woman's face.)

Dimitrov: Can you see me?

(The old woman remains unresponsive.)

Dimitrov: It, ah… It should please you to know that I'm not here to… to harm you. Trust me when I tell you we're here to help.

(The old woman remains tense.)

Dimitrov: Ah, whatever. You don't need to know anything.

(Dimitrov returns to the foyer to meet Said, who is performing a "swinging-flashlight" test on the middle-aged man to test for brain-death.)

Dimitrov: Found two more upstairs. An old woman and a dog. I think she could hear me.

Said: How could you tell?

Dimitrov: I talked out loud. She tensed up, looked terrified. Still didn't move more than that.

(Said stands to face Dimitrov.)

Said: This one hasn't moved at all. As far as I can tell, he's dead to the world.

(The middle-aged man's face twitches.)

Dimitrov: He just moved a bit.

Said: He did that a couple times while I was checking his heart rate and breathing. For what it's worth, I don't think he's brain-dead. Still, it's not our job to figure out all that's wrong with these people.

Dimitrov: You called the paramedics yet?

Said: They are on their way.

Dimitrov: Right. We've done our part. Can't be here when they come around.

(Said and Dimitrov exit the house, return to the car, and begin to drive to Lancaster. SCP-5074 remains asleep in the backseat.)

End Log

Log Type: Video, compiled from footage from personnel body cameras and automatically approximated to English

Personnel Involved: Mamoru Oda

Location: Ine, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan, SCP-7000

Time & Date: December 26, 2006 at 10:57 AM

Begin Log

(Oda stands beside Kyoto Prefectural Police Chief Masanobu Sakamoto, in front of the latter's car. The two men are on Prefectural Road 624, standing in front of a row of residences.)

Sakamoto: Here we are. What do you make of it?

Oda: Something that furthers the mystery and intrigue.

End Log

Log Type: Video, compiled from fixed surveillance camera footage

Personnel Involved: Carla Nielssen

Location: Three Portlands, Oregon, United States of America, SCP-7000

Begin Log

(Nielssen is seated at her home's dining table, taking notes while listening to a radio tuned to a Foundation-7000 emergency alert channel. A message pertaining to mitigation of a recent outbreak of mass hysteria in Three Portlands is playing.)

Radio: …daily sweeps of rural areas are required. All affected individuals found are to be conveyed to a medical facility immediately. Containment of this phenomenon is of utmost importance. More updates will be broadcast on respective channels…

(Janna Duar is seated on the couch in the house's living room, watching television with her back turned to her stepmother and the camera. She speaks without turning her head.)

Duar: Something that shows that Janna knows what's happening, and both an appeal to her mother and a general vent for whoever listens.

(Nielssen stops writing and raises her head.)

Duar: The line here before wasn't great.

(Nielssen's grip on her pen tightens.)

Duar: This one was even worse.

(Nielssen takes a deep breath, puts down her pen, and turns around in her seat.)

Nielssen: Something that furthers the conflict. Perhaps this conversation could mark a tipping point.

(Nielssen turns back around, steadies herself, and continues taking notes. Ten minutes pass. Duar turns off the television, stands up, and walks to the apartment's foyer, glancing at Nielssen as she does so.)

Duar: I'm going out.

(Nielssen does not respond. Duar puts on her jacket and leaves.)

End Log

February 2, 2007: Non-test-related emergency reset

Due to the exacerbation of the aforementioned anomalous mass hysteria and its spread to every continent and every major city on SCP-7000, the Eschatological Preparedness Division authorized an emergency reset of SCP-7000's native humanoid population. All extant synthetic bodies were terminated, incorporated and re-constituted with the aid of Foundation-7000's BZHR array, and all potentially harmful memories were scrubbed from the public psyche via prolonged amnestic treatment.

June 24, 2007: Fourth eschatological test and subsequent reset

October 14, 2007: Test of Foundation-7000 capacity to contain and suppress information pertaining to highly visible anomalous phenomena

December 22, 2007: Unique Group of Interest discovery

January 5, 2008: Fifth eschatological test and subsequent reset

May 30, 2008: Test of non-anomalous governments and organizations' response to unprecedented non-anomalous natural disasters

September 15, 2008: Sixth eschatological test and subsequent reset

November 2, 2008: Unexplained mass civilian deaths and subsequent reversal

April 10, 2009: Seventh eschatological test, subsequent failure to reset, and eventual reset

July 1, 2009: Emergency shutdown of SCP-7000 for harness and reset system re-calibration

July 20, 2009: Second failure of SCP-7000 harness and reset system

February 10, 2010: Eighth eschatological test and subsequent reset

March 3, 2010: Weather control system malfunction

April 8, 2010: Discovery of major defect in SCP-7000 harness

October 30, 2010: Final eschatological test and subsequent reset

January 5, 2011: Decommissioning of SCP-7000