Item №: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Persons employed by the Foundation or otherwise under Foundation supervision or scrutiny who are found to fit the criteria for spontaneous transportation into SCP-XXX (referred to as "activation criteria") are to be closely monitored. If possible, affected persons are to be provided personal recording equipment and a two-way extradimensional communication device to prepare for their inevitable transportation into SCP-XXX.

Public knowledge of SCP-XXX to be kept at a negligible level via the inadvertent social conditioning undergone by civilians who fit activation criteria, which encourages them to take on lifestyles that prevent them from forming meaningful social connections and interacting with others outside the internet. No other procedures are necessary.

Description: SCP-XXX is an extradimensional location, or "parallel dimension," only accessible by persons possessing certain behavioral or psychological traits. Persons above the age of 17 who possess these traits are transported to SCP-XXX at random, and are unable to leave.

The activation criteria for SCP-XXX are as follows:

  • Extreme aversion to all situations requiring social interaction, such as shopping, taking public transportation, or attending parties and similar gatherings
  • Notably poor social skills, to the extent of near-inability to start and hold conversations
  • Lack of a desire for self-improvement via study, exercise, employment or therapy
  • Sedentary lifestyle

Individuals affected by SCP-XXX are generally neurotypical, and do not possess medical conditions restricting their ability to socialize and leave their homes.

SCP-XXX itself is of indeterminate size. It consists of a wide expanse of barren land punctuated by an elevated surface approximately two meters in width, surrounded on either side by various tapered mounds of earth resembling stalactites. These mounds and the area surrounding the central path are extremely brittle (more so than the central path), and breaking through the surface of the ground reveals a vast body of water underneath. A mountain covered in immense earthen protrusions similar in appearance to those surrounding the path is visible in the distance; this mountain appears to the front of persons within SCP-XXX no matter which direction they face, and appears to grow incrementally closer as subjects travel towards it.

Despite the transportation of 465 known persons to SCP-XXX since its discovery in 2004, subjects do not encounter any other people while within it. Subjects invariably find themselves situated on the central path of SCP-XXX upon their incursion.