Note for ease in writing: 1 is the Human. 2 is the Bonobo. 3 is the Gorilla. 4 is the Chimp. 5 is the Orangutan.

Item#: XXX
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


SCP-XXXX-1 through -5 (right to left) in their inactive state

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX-1 through -5 are to be stored within a specialized warehouse on the grounds of Site-16, and kept away from any other anomalous objects. To minimize destruction of the structure, various items of donated furniture, artwork, and home accessories are to be placed within, in the area surrounding SCP-XXX. These are to be replaced daily.

As aiding SCP-XXX-1 in its efforts to pacify SCP-XXX-2 through -5 and bring them under control invariably leads to the entities displaying higher levels of aggression and a higher capacity for destruction, contact with any SCP-XXX entity, especially for this purpose, is prohibited during their active state.

Description: SCP-XXX is the collective designation for five primate skeletons1. The anomalous properties of SCP-XXX only become apparent at night (9:00 PM to 5:00 AM, regardless of timezone); at all other times of day, SCP-XXX are completely inert.

When active, all SCP-XXX entities become capable of movement and vocalization, and possess strength corresponding to that of living organisms of their species. While SCP-XXX-2 through -5 behave with slightly higher aggression and restlessness than their living counterparts while active, SCP-XXX-1 remains mostly calm and collected, and often attempts to pacify the other SCP-XXX entities and bring them under control. Its efforts are very rarely effective, and SCP-XXX-2 through -5 invariably cause severe destruction to the area surrounding them before becoming inert.

All instances of SCP-XXX are highly resilient; testing has shown that they are indestructible on a molecular level, and storing their components in separate containers does not in any way impede their activation2. While active, separating SCP-XXX instances' bones from one another has no effect — in fact, they have on some occasions been observed remaining fully active and mobile while completely disassembled.

Addendum: Discovery Log

SCP-XXX were discovered at 5:00 AM on April 6, 2021, following a call to local law enforcement believed to be initiated by SCP-XXX-1 itself, originating from within the University of Cambridge Museum of Zoology in Cambridge, United Kingdom. Upon the arrival of local police, the interior of the museum was found to be in a state of disarray; due to SCP-XXX having become fully inert by this time, the initial consensus of responding personnel was that the destruction was caused by vandals. The museum was closed for a week for renovation.

Upon close analysis of the initial phone call and security camera footage from within the museum, Foundation agents embedded in the Cambridge police force were able to discern the true nature of SCP-XXX and successfully contain the entities with minimal public exposure. As SCP-XXX had prior to discovery been a museum exhibit, the Foundation supplied and covertly planted replacement skeletons within the museum with little difficulty.

The following is a transcript of the initial phone call. Additional annotation and analysis has been provided by murdock.aic.

Begin Log

(The sound of glass shattering and objects impacting the floor can be heard, along with intermittent hooting and screeching. SCP-XXX-1 speaks over this.)

Operator: Police, what's your emergency?

SCP-XXX-1: Hey, hello? Uh, yeah. I gotta- hey, put that down! I gotta speak to someone.

Operator: Uh-huh. Where are you? What's your name?

SCP-XXX-1: It's, uh… It's complicated. (The sound of a hollow object being impacted is heard, followed by the faint sound of an object clattering on the floor. The voice of SCP-XXX-1 becomes fainter.) Shit! God, hold on, let me just- that's better. (It pauses.) I just woke up.

Operator: Excuse me?

SCP-XXX-1: Well, uh, I just woke up, and I- get off me! Shoo! I don't know where I am. Or, uh, who I am? It's some kind of… museum. There's a bunch of- (Loud screeching is heard, and the voice of SCP-XXX-1 becomes slightly fainter.) No! No, give that back! Come on!

(The sound of shattering plastic, loud screeching from an unknown SCP-XXX entity, and nonverbal cries of dismay from SCP-XXX-1 are heard.)

Operator: I-I'm sorry, could you speak up? I can't really hear-

(A loud crunching noise is heard, and the line is abruptly cut.)

End Log

Addendum: Event Logs

The following are logs of notable SCP-XXX activation events.

Date: April 10, 2021

Location: Within Large General Containment Vehicle 55466-021, near Stowmarket, United Kingdom

Begin Log

(Internal security cameras show SCP-XXX inert within a clear plastic containment unit. At 9:00 PM, they begin to show signs of movement.)

(SCP-XXX-4 stirs first, breaking free of its restraints and inspecting the front of the containment unit. SCP-XXX-2 follows it and joins SCP-XXX-4 in inspecting the wall, intermittently pausing in order to mime grooming SCP-XXX-4. SCP-XXX-5 activates next, and immediately sits on the bottom of the container and chews at its fingers.)

(SCP-XXX-1 becomes active and jerks upright. It struggles to pull itself free from its restraints, but is ultimately successful.)