The Thingie

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Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Provisional Site-XXX serves as the Foundation's primary and only research site pertaining to the anomaly. To prevent decay, corruption or tampering, most vital records are stored on analog media. SCP-XXX's area of effect is measured daily; any changes are recorded. This portion of the document will be amended as further information pertaining to SCP-XXX is gathered.

Description: SCP-XXX is the designation for an area of land roughly seventeen square meters in total area within the bounds of which several distinct anomalous properties have been recorded. These include:

  • 86% humidity throughout, constantly
  • A tendency for electronics to malfunction
  • Noticeable shimmering
  • etc, etc
Provisional Site-XXX preliminary exploration team. Rsr. Sven Halvorsen in foreground. Hover to enlarge.

Addendum: Provisional Site-XXX Research Logs

(Security camera footage taken from the Provisional Site's southwest entrance shows Researcher Peter Baranov kneeling with his back turned, making adjustments to four small drones. After a few seconds, he stands, takes off his right glove, and touches the screen of his tablet. All four drones take off at once, and fly away from Researcher Baranov to his front.)

(The drones stop about 2 meters from Baranov and turn towards him, scanning the perimeter of SCP-XXX. Instead of continuing further to the southwest as expected, they begin to approach Baranov and spread out. Baranov takes note of this.)

(After a minute, three of the drones' paths have taken them above the roof of Provisional Site-XXX. One of them, however, has stopped moving entirely. Baranov approaches it. Its scanning laser shuts down and its propellers deactivate; despite this, it remains suspended in the air.)

Baranov: What the-

(As Baranov stands under the drone and attempts to reach it, camera footage begins to shimmer. The snow on the ground surrounding the southwest entrance of the Provisional Site begins to melt, and condensation begins to form on Baranov's tablet. He looks down, then writes something in his notepad.)

Baranov: Wh-

(Baranov seems to trip forwards. Both his feet leave the ground. The skin on his head peels off and shrivels, his facial and neck muscles become desiccated and detached from his skull, and his skull appears to become porous and crumble; his head and a small portion of his upper torso have completely disintegrated after 2 seconds.)

(Baranov's body, his notepad, his tablet and the drone remain suspended in the air for 3 more minutes, gently rising, falling and swaying. No shimmering is seen.)

(The three other drones return to Baranov and land in formation at his feet. The tablet, which has slipped from Baranov's fingers and whose screen can be seen, flashes once before ceasing function.)