Object Class: Meridian, Class A1

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is currently in a state of quantum superposition; as any observation would directly lead to the onset of SCP-XXX's most deleterious effects, it is to remain in this state indefinitely. It has been determined that observation of SCP-XXX undertaken solely by synthetic intelligences does not activate any anomalous properties; as such, containment, observation and documentation pertaining to the anomaly is to be carried out solely by artificially intelligent constructs (colloquially known as .AICs). No human subjects are aware of SCP-XXX; this database entry is only visible to synthetic intelligences. Any human subjects made aware of SCP-XXX are to be amnesticized or terminated immediately.

Description: SCP-XXX is a pattern screamer. Unlike other anomalies of its kind, SCP-XXX partially exists: it is hypothesized that it may not be a "true" pattern screamer due to this attribute.

SCP-XXX's anomalous properties only manifest when it is observed2 by human subjects. When observed by human subjects, SCP-Xxx has been observed to emerge in consensus reality in multiple forms; its most common manifestation is as a predatory and highly contagious idea complex associated with concepts such as "the ever-deepening lives of cetaceans" and "the light from countless luminescent jellies." If left unchecked, it is theorized that SCP-XXX would attain full existence and be inextricable from human consciousness within two months.