You Can't Top Pigs with Pigs
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Item #: SCP-4X OlI/4X
Object Class: Safe Classified

Threat Level: Undetermined


fig 1.1. Still frame from SCP-4X, Configuration 2A, Monitor 2, View 3 at 22:38:32.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4X, along with the building in which it resides, has been purchased from GoI-952 ("Olney Ironworks")1. No further containment measures are deemed necessary.

On the order of Director Drummond, the original legacy systems are to be reinstalled and remain in place indefinitely.

Description: SCP-4X is the surveillance room of the former Olney Ironworks Southeast Houston manufacturing center. Prior to Incident G952-AE-Tennenbacher, SCP-4X displayed no anomalous properties.

Surveillance equipment inside SCP-4X plays a continuous 3 hour and 36 minute loop of the events of Incident G952-AE-Tennenbacher2. This includes all systems installed following the Incident, allowing for perspectives impossible through the original hardware.3

While playbacks of SCP-4X remain largely consistent, divergences have been recorded. Divergences appear most frequently following the installation of new equipment within the manufacturing center. Despite this, the full scope of Incident G952-AE-Tennenbacher has yet to be prevented on-record.

Subjects depicted in SCP-4X's playbacks correspond to employees present at the time of the event. The Foundation has been unable to locate these subjects for questioning See Interview transcripts.

Playback Log (Control Configuration): The following is a rough summary of Incident G952-AE-Tennenbacher, based on the hardware configuration originally present within the manufacturing center. Researchers with OlI/4X or greater clearance may access the associated video logs.

The recordings begin at [20:24:36], with little deviation from the events typical of the factory's operation, with two exceptions:

  1. A man4 manning a casting station drops what looks to be a necklace or circular chain into a mold full of molten metal. The man reacts with either frustration or apprehension, before leaving to confront his manager56.
  2. Another man7 inside of a break room immediately answers his cell phone. The call appears to last around six minutes, during which time Navarro nods, pacing around the break room. Audio capture suggests the call pertains to a transport of baking soda to the Northwest Portland Manufacturing Center.

The first anomalous event occurs when a trapdoor in the vehicle bay8 is jostled by an unseen figure at [20:27:18]. For the next ten minutes, several employees react to a faint rustling from various machinery and ventilation shafts.

At [20:38:27], Mr. Lopez suddenly stops to look at an industrial furnace, from which emerges an unharmed domestic pig. Mr. Lopez appears confused, before returning to speak to his manager. In the time taken to reach Mr. Sanchez, two more pigs emerge from the same furnace.

More pigs emerge from various ventilation shafts, trapdoors, and damaged machine parts throughout the manufacturing center. By [20:47:27], around 46 pigs have emerged.

At [20:50:21], Mr. Sanchez calls all employees present within the manufacturing center into an impromptu meeting in order to discuss the incident. An argument between Mr. Sanchez and a security officer9 occurs, leading to the officer's subsequent firing and removal from the premises.

At [21:02:59], several pigs on the factory floor visibly startle, fleeing from the furnaces.

Mr. Sanchez phones his superior at [21:10:46], reporting "another goddamn pig bloom". This call lasts ten minutes, and consists primarily of Mr. Sanchez nodding and affirming his superior's requests.

At [21:28:19], all outdoor surveillance feed cuts out. Additionally, overhead lighting throughout the factory is cut off for approximately 19 seconds, before turning back on. An instance of SCP-████ can be seen mid-emergence from a blast furnace.

Mr. Sanchez's meeting is dismissed at [21:58:04], after which employees are redirected back to their stations.

History: SCP-4X