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Assets ID: 017
Codename: Inanimate
Form: Sapient
Threat Level: Yellow
Hazards: Mechanical Hazard
Status: Still Possession


A-017-A is a 112 year old, Caucasian male, previously the owner and manager of the Plexett incorporated technology company. A-017-A is equipped with a reality-bending harness, designated A-017-B, able to prolong his life greatly as well as give telekinetic control over nearby solid and liquid matter up to 3 meters away from the subject. A-017-A is able to consciously move and interact with nearby matter, allowing him to easily breach from containment. It has been found that A-017-A has little to no control over gaseous substances, allowing for their use during containment.

A-017-B is still not fully understood, although it appears to obtain its anomalous effects through a previously unknown powder-like substance. This powder, designated A-017-S, emits an aura of destabilized reality, allowing for the direct area around the powder to be remotely manipulated using advanced technology. Attempts to recreate the harness have failed, and attempting to remove it from A-017-A is likely to cause severe damage to both A-017-B and A-017-A.

Active Protocols

A-017-A and A-017-B are currently located in a modified standard human containment chamber at Facility-12. Sedative gasses should be exposed to A-017-A in order to decrease aggressive behavior and attempted breaches. The subject is to be exposed to tear gas in the event of an attempted breach. In the event of a breach, A-017-B is to be temporarily deactivated using a remote EMP. This deactivation will leave A-017-A immobile for enough time to be re-contained.