Night bus to Wakefield.

Short temporal SCP

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation agents are to apprehend and divert any non-affected individuals who are sufficiently far forward in the queue as to potentially gain a seat on SCP-XXXX. No advance ticket bookings may be permitted for this bus service.

Whilst SCP-XXXX must remain in service for the benefit of currently affected individuals, the anomaly is to be neutralised immediately following the natural death of the last of these.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an anomalous night bus route based in and around the city of Leeds, England.

SCP-XXXX departs from Leeds high street at 23:38, after which it circles the ring road around the city before heading outward through Outwood to arrive in Wakefield town centre at 06:12. Following disembarkation no anomalous effects are observable until 23:38 the following night, at which point a temporal effect actuates. Whilst clocks continue to function as normal, individuals who have travelled on SCP-XXXX no longer experience time’s passage by way of planetary rotation or solar/lunar orbit. This effect persists until affected individuals board SCP-XXXX at Leeds high street when the city station clock reads 23:38, following which the effect cessates for a period of precisely 24 hours.

After initially embarking on SCP-XXXX, there is no known method for disengaging from the cycle of effect. Affected individuals must either board the night bus in order to advance beyond 23:38 in each instance, or remain within their perceived nocturnal setting indefinitely.

The number of currently affected individuals significantly exceeds the maximum passenger capacity of SCP-XXXX, reducing the possibility of non-affected individuals gaining a place in the nightly queue. It has been observed that the situation of affected individuals is increasingly moving toward a competitive daily race from Wakefield to Leeds high street bus stop, in order to gain a viable position in the queue to embark on SCP-XXXX and continue the cycle. Those who stop to spend time with loved ones or engage in hobbies tend to miss the bus as a result.